Lotus Foods Buckwheat Shiitake Rice Ramen With Mushroom Soup, 80g

Why You’ll Love It
Get cozy and get hungry because Lotus Foods have just created your new favourite winter comfort meal. It’s Lotus Foods Buckwheat Shiitake Rice Ramen With Mushroom Soup. A warming, hearty, and vegan ramen that is both savoury and flavourful. This ramen comes with traditional Japanese-style noodles and a rich, non-GMO mushroom broth that will leave you satisfied each and every time. The noodles found in the ramen package are made from organic buckwheat and brown rice, instead of wheat. So get excited about a whole new world of gluten-free ramen. Elevate this simple ramen pack with extra veggies or protein to make a well-rounded and complete meal.

Ramen: *Brown Rice Flour, *Buckwheat Flour, Shiitake Powder.

Soup Pack: Tamari Powder (Soybeans, Sea Salt), Mushroom Powder, Dried Vegetables (Red Bell Pepper, Green Bell Pepper, Carrot, Scallion), Sugar, Salt, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract, Ginger Powder.


Contains: Soy.