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After failing to find high quality, natural products for family and clients on a retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, founders Daphne Hedley and Jang Bauerle teamed up to found Mekhala. As new, working mothers, they had little time to cook but wanted fresh, healthy, home-made meals for their families. They were frustrated with all the artificial additives and preservatives, and the high amounts of sugar in most Asian store-bought products. So, together we created a range of yum products inspired by the vegan meals at the retreat for ourselves and our customers. After all, why can't life be delicious, easy and healthy?Mekhala (which means "Goddess" in Thai) has grown into a Singaporean/Thai whole foods brand that produces organic, all-natural, gluten and nut-free, vegan-friendly, no added sugar, oil-free foods that make life easier, healthier and tastier for all. We aim to help everyone become kitchen Gods! Based in Singapore, we manufacture our products in our facility in Chiang Mai, where we source beautiful ingredients from local farmers. Sadly, our co-founder, Jang passed away during this time. Still, we continue to bring our dream to every customer – great, wholesome and sustainable Asian foods for you and your loved ones, giving back to the community, free of cruelty to the planet and all living creatures. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them for you.