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At Pascha Chocolate, we wanted to make deciously divine chocolate that's good for you and our planet. We make our chocolate with all-natural, organic, vegan and plant-based,  and traceable ingredients.

Are you a chocolate lover?

We are - and obsessed with PURITY. Our clean eating family (most of the time) was determined to create deliciously good chocolate for you and our planet. The most divine and transparent chocolate indulgences, in the marketplace, full stop, no shortcuts.

We select the finest ORGANIC Cocoa Beans with excellent taste characteristics. All the beans are directly sourced from certified farms using approved agrarian, social and ecologically sustainable methods. And, our chocolate is free from preservatives, sulphites, emulsifiers, sugar alcohols, refined sugar, nuts, peanuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy and sesame. 

We make our chocolate with all-natural, organic, vegan and plant-based, traceable ingredients. Our chocolate is made in Peru with cocoa beans directly sourced from farms. We use a short time between bean harvesting and processing to lock in the flavour of fresh beans. We choose to give back to our planet by only working with farmers that practice positive social and ecological techniques.

Pascha chocolate has drool-worthy chocolate available for any chocolate lover (white chocolate, dark chocolate, bittersweet) and chocolate chips for all your baking needs.

Rediscover chocolate with Pascha Chocolate.