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Peace River

From a very young age, we had a passion for honeybees. We loved everything about honeybees, especially extracting honey. At age 16, our founder, Gilbert, began extracting his first honey crop in the beautiful Peace River region in Alberta, Canada. A couple of honey crop extractions later, Gilbert knew that he wanted to share his honey with the world, and the Peace River Brand was born. After 25 years of hard work, we managed to grow our honey crop to become the largest organic apiary in Canada. Today we have thousands of hives and many dedicated employees that handle the full production, packaging, and distribution of our delicious organic honey. Despite our growth, our commitment to producing the highest quality organic honey remains the same. We continue to learn about organic beekeeping from mentors around the world and apply this knowledge to all our beekeeping practices. We were the first ever apiary in Canada to be verified as non-GMO, leading the honey-making industry to do more good for the people and the planet. We work as hard as our worker bees to ensure that each batch of our organic honey surpasses our expectations. Every time you use our organic honey you’ll taste the love, care, and years of experience that go into every batch that we make. With Peace River’s organic honey, you too can experience sweet success.