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If there’s one thing that we’re familiar with, it is the sadness you feel from missing your favourite snacks while following a new and healthier diet. After adhering to a healthy gluten-free diet, our founder, Matt, found himself reminiscing about the good old crisps that he enjoyed during his lifetime. Filled with inspiration, Matt recreated the classic canister chip with better ingredients in the hopes to be able to enjoy crisps again, but this time guilt-free. Although it was a challenge at first, Matt drew motivation from his kids, allowing him to create The Good Crisp Company. At The Good Crisp Company, our crispy, gluten-free crisps are the types of crisps that we would feed our kids (seriously, you can ask them yourself), our neighbours, and even a kind stranger. At The Good Crisp Company, we don’t just make natural chips, we create clean-label, gluten-free and plant-based chips that make snacking healthy again.  Our crisps make you feel good on the inside and out. It doesn’t get any better than this!