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Food for Kids!

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Are you a “parentbie”- a parent who is beyond exhausted because your kid(s) continuously ask for food but won’t eat anything you make them? We’re here for you. 

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting is getting your kids to eat healthy, non-sugary and non-greasy foods, or in some cases, to get them to eat at all. Kids are picky eaters and can change their opinion about food in an instant, pushing you to absolute insanity. 

And, if you manage to convince your kid(s) to eat the food, you’re all of a sudden running late to school, or soccer, or piano practice and you haven’t packed any healthy snacks or lunches for your kid(s) and have to put up with your kid(s) complaints the whole ride.

We know how much you value your silence, and we want to help you get as much ‘me’ time as possible, all while helping your kids grow and stay away from all those unhealthy foods.

So, instead of losing your marbles shop any of our kid-approved foods! Many options available for school lunches, healthy breakfasts and dinners that are low or free in sugar, rich in nutrients, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and hard for any kid to say no to! Kid tested, parent-approved!