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There’s just soy much to say about San-J soy sauce, but we’ll keep it simple because their gluten free soy sauces do the talking all on their own! Vegan and keto friendly, San-J has soy sauce for everyone!
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Prior to San-J’s birth as a company in 1804, the Sato Family had been conducting business as a “kaisen-donya”, which is a wholesaler in port, shipping cargo on the nearby rivers in Mie, Japan, before they established San-Jirushi, initially founded as a miso and tamari soy sauce company. San-Jirushi, now shortened to just San-J, had established their tamari soy sauce to send to the US in 1978, which was well received by the natural market! Since then, San-J has continued to make waves and expand, marketing themselves as the “soy sauce brand for everyone”! 

Today, run by Takashi Sato, the eight generation in the Sato family, and current president of the san-J empire, their miso and tamari soy sauce has expanded in different variations of soy sauce, from their original tamari to shoyu brewed, and they are continuing to blossom as one of the leading gluten free, soy sauce brands out there!     



San-J has soy sauce for all! With a variety of soy sauces that cater to keto, gluten-free, vegan, and low FODMAP diets! They also have a line designed for those who are looking for organic alternatives for their dietary needs. You can also enjoy a variety of flavours from soy sauces infused with ponzu citrus, to their classic tamari soy sauce!