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Pancake & Waffle Mixes

These pancake & waffle mixes will pancake your day, you’ll have a waffle good time cooking these up! From vegan to grain free, high protein and plant based, we have pancake and waffle mixes that you can stock your pantry full of!
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Pancake & Waffle Mixes Life’s batter with pancakes & waffles! We know there are pancake people, there are waffle people, and then there are those of us that just love breakfast and want it now! In this section, you’ll find that we’ve brought together a variety of mixes that caters to all three of these groups; pancakes & waffles, and having them flippin’ fast. You can wake up with pancakes, or topple your dish with waffles, or have them both at breakfast, lunch, or dinner and feel great knowing that what you’re eating suits you and your dietary needs. Need to get some extra protein? We got the perfect pancake mix for you! Got a plant based lifestyle, Kodiak has got your back with this plant based flapjack mix! Be worry free with this gluten free pancake mix, or save yourself some time with this flapjack cup so you can hit the road fast! At Natura Market, our focus is to provide healthy and not to mention delicious foods that you can easily integrate in your diet and lifestyle. We want to get the most out of what we put in our bodies so we can be energized and maintain happy tummy vibes, and we have a wide selection of products that do just that! We’ve got pancake and waffle mixes for just about any diet and lifestyle out there, so come on down, all you pancake and waffle people, and those who just love breakfast because we’ve got something for everyone, bon appetit!