Bone Broth & Soups

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Bone broth contains minerals and amino acids, as well as proteins collagen and gelatin, which support gut health, glowing skin, joint health, and even weight loss. Thanks to its benefits, bone broth is used in many diet programs, including the ketogenic diet.

Bone broth also contains all four electrolytes, including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Adding 1–2 cups of keto-friendly bone broth to your diet is a good way to support electrolyte balance when you're eating a smaller variety of fruit and veggies. To help ease keto flu symptoms, it can be helpful to reintroduce a few extra carbs to make the transition period less intense. Bone broth is a good transition food that offers a few grams of carbs, but still fits within the macros of the keto diet plan.

Drinking bone broth can also be a preventative measure against the keto flu in the early stages of the keto diet, thanks to the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes it contains.