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Bone Broths

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You may have heard of bone broth, but might not quite know why it’s been gaining so much interest and popularity. Bone broth, and the Bone Broth Diet, have become more common as they are a component of many Ketogenic, Whole30 and Paleo diets. Bone broth in its essence is also gluten-free and dairy-free as well, making it compatible with many diets and restrictions. This powerfully nutritious meal is the perfect in-between-meal pick-me-up for anyone living a more health-conscious lifestyle! 

You may be wondering what makes bone broth so wonderful? Well, this simple, yet savoury broth is made by slowly simmering apple cider vinegar, vegetables, spices and animal bones in a pot of water, in order to extract the nutrients and minerals. Bone broth is known for being high in collagen, protein and amino acids - which can help to keep your skin looking great, your body healthy and provide you with the energy to tackle the day!

This tasty broth is also high in flavour and can be enjoyed on its own or used as a stock and added to your favourite gravy, stir-fry, beef stew or pot roast recipe! You can also enjoy a warm cup on the go, as a snack to curb hunger during the day between meals. 

If you’re interested in incorporating bone broth to your diet, 1-2 cups daily is a good start - although there is no reason why you can’t enjoy more of it, if you wish!


Making homemade bone broth can be time-consuming, and with our crazy schedules, we might not always have the time to make it from scratch. Luckily, Kettle & Fire has got you covered! Their line of free-range chicken and grass-fed beef bone broths (and bone broth-based soups!) contains all of the nutrients and health benefits you’re looking for in a homemade bone broth but without the extensive cooking times. Just 5 minutes simmer on the stove (or 1 minute in the microwave) and you’ll be sipping your way to good health in no time!

If you’re looking to learn even more about bone broth and all its powerful health benefits, check out our blog!