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Fair Trade

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What is the Fairtrade Movement?
The Fairtrade Movement focuses on making trading fair for all the people involved in producing and distributing products.

Why Should You Buy Fairtrade Products?

1. Fairtrade Products Provide Farmers with Fair Recognition: You know when you work really hard on a project, and someone else takes credit for all your work? That’s exactly how food producers that are not part of the Fairtrade movement feel! Food producers are typically robbed of their earnings, causing them to live with a less than liveable wage. Fairtrade allows food producers to earn a liveable wage and have a say in the production process.

2. Fairtrade Products are Better for the Environment: For a product to receive the Fairtrade Certification, it must meet the internationally agreed standards. The standards include that the product must be produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.

3. Fairtrade Products help Fight Poverty: Helping others never seemed so easy, right? Aside from providing a liveable wage to workers, a premium is given to food producers’ communities to enhance their social and economic development when you purchase Fair Trade products.

4. The FairTrade Movement Makes Food Production Safer: No one likes going to a job they hate! The Fairtrade Agreement ensures that workers are treated like people. It provides health benefits to employees, repulses child-labour, discrimination and forced labour, and creates safe working conditions for its employees.

5. Fairtrade Products are Free of GMO’s and other Hazardous Materials:  GMO’s or genetically modified organisms can cause illnesses and pollution and are therefore banned from Fairtrade. Additionally, although it is not necessary for the Fair Trade Agreement, many products are organic.

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