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Chebe has been proving that gluten-free can taste great since 1999! Bringing a taste of Brazil to the gluten-free market, Chebe has a variety of tasty bread mixes and frozen bread that will leave you wondering why you had not tried their products earlier. 

Chebe is dedicated to making gluten-free living easier and tastier! Chebe strives to create products with the least number of ingredients possible. Chebe makes many of its products grain-free, Paleo, and AIP, all while keeping their products Celiac friendly! 

The main ingredient in Chebe products is Manioc Flour (also known as Cassava Flour). Manioc is a long, starchy-root or tuber, rich in vitamins and nutrients. It offers many health benefits, including promoting a healthy gut, heart, bones and skin. It is also diabetic-friendly, good for weight loss and overall health, giving you many reasons to try Chebe!

You haven’t tasted bread until you’ve tasted Chebe.