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Cereals & Granolas

Cereals & Granolas

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Mornings can be rough, so we’re here to bring you absolute morning glory with our fine selection of healthy cereals! Breakfast cereal is a classic, easy meal, and now thanks to us, it can be healthy too! Whether you prefer a hot cereal (like oatmeal) in the morning or something with a little more crunch, we’ve got a healthy breakfast cereal to fit your diet and preferences. Looking for a keto cereal? Catalina Crunch is a must-try! Need a paleo and AIP-friendly cereal? LoveBird is our go-to! Want to mix it up with some overnight oats? Yumi Organics has got you covered! Need a little more protein in your cereal? Iwon Organics is the one for you! And, we’ve got some kid-friendly gluten-free and low-sugar breakfast cereal options too! And, if you’re not into cereal, maybe healthy granola is your calling! You can add a little keto-friendly granola on top of yogurt, or a little sprinkle of grain-free granola on a smoothie bowl, or maybe even create a custom gluten-free granola and yogurt parfait. Or, if you’re like us, you’ll be eating it straight from the bag! But, if you’re a chronic oversleeper or a busy bee, you’ll want something extra quick! And, that’s where our healthy granola bars come in. These healthy granola bars are full of energy-boosting nutrients and are gluten-free, low in sugar, and diet-friendly. They are the perfect early morning energy booster for those that enjoy a small breakfast or are constantly on the run. These healthy granola bars are also a great addition to lunch bags, gym bags, road trips, and more. The best part of it all is that you can enjoy these healthy foods at any time of the day. And, with so many healthy options you’ll want to eat our cereal, granola, or granola bars more than once per day! Find your favourites here!