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Hello, our name is Natura Market and we’re proud chocoholics. It all started when we discovered delicious healthy chocolates that fit our diet. Our obsession began with Lily’s sugar-free chocolates--we never expected sugar-free chocolate to taste so good! We quickly discovered that our sugar-free chocolate was keto-friendly too, so we were instantly hooked. But, we couldn’t stop there. We soon learned that we could help save our planet with organic chocolate, and instantly felt called to do our part. But, we knew that we could do more for our planet and our communities, so we progressed to fair-trade chocolate, then dairy-free chocolate, and the next thing you know we were indulging in vegan chocolate bars. At this point, you could say that we became chocolate connoisseurs, so we had to go all the way. We couldn’t live another day without trying paleo chocolate bars, and the next thing we knew, HU Kitchen chocolate bars had won our hearts. After eating many chocolate squares, in a variety of flavours, we’re confident that we have the best selection of healthy chocolates in Canada. And, we’re sharing it with you! Chocolate anyone?