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Dairy Free Plant-Based Barista & Latte Blends

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There is a barista in all of us. A velvety cappuccino. A beautiful rosetta. OK, so maybe not everyone is that talented. But whether you’re looking for a high-performing steamer or delightful creamer, our Barista Blends, have your coffee needs covered.

Baristas. Who doesn’t admire these talented people behind the counter? Making beautiful rosettas. Pouring velvety cappuccinos. With our dairy-free Barista and Latte blends, you can hone your skills at home. OK, so maybe you can’t do all that – but you can certainly learn.

It isn’t just for steaming to a microfoam though. Our plant-based Barista blends make delightful creamers and lighteners, for special coffee experiences awakening the beautiful simplicity of life. What’s even simpler: we’re using just five ingredients.