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Chocolate Chips

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You may be familiar with chocolate bars, chocolate covered nuts and popcorn, but how well do you know your chocolate chips? If you love chocolate and baking, well then we have a challenge for you. Think you’ve got chocolate chips all figured out? Take the quiz!

Question 1: How Many Kinds of Chocolate Chips Are There?

Nowadays, there are too many to count! The original chocolate chip flavour began with semi-sweet dark chocolate, but as our creativity grew, so did our chocolate chip collection. Now, you can get anything: white chocolate chips, salted caramel chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and more. And, it doesn’t stop there! Chocolate chips can come in all shapes and sizes too! Mini chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, and even mega chocolate chips! The baking possibilities are endless!

Question 2: Are there Keto chocolate chips in Canada?

Yes! Lily’s chocolate chips are 100% keto-friendly. Like the chocolate bars, these sugar-free chocolate chips are naturally sweetened with Stevia, kosher, and made with fair trade cocoa. These chocolate chips will take your holiday baking to the next level, they might even become your secret ingredient! You can find Lily’s chocolate chips in Canada at Natura Market! We carry all sorts of Lily’s sweets, especially in chocolate chip form! We’ve got anything from dark chocolate chips to white chocolate chips to salted caramel chips

Question 3: Are there Vegan chocolate chips in Canada?

Yes! There are many brands that offer vegan chocolate chips. Some of our favourite brands are Enjoy Life, Pascha, and Hu

Question 4: Are there Vegan White Chocolate chips in Canada?

Yes! Pascha offers vegan white chocolate chips! You can use these to create cookies, white hot chocolate or you can eat them straight out of the bag. Made with organic rice milk solids, organic cocoa butter, and unrefined coconut sugar, these white chocolate dairy-free chocolate chips are exactly what you’ve been missing from your vegan or dairy-free diet. These white chocolate chips are bakeable up to 375 degrees and are completely peanut and soy-free. 

Question 5: Where Can You Get Unsweetened Chocolate Chips in Canada?

You can buy unsweetened chocolate chips right at Natura Market! We offer a variety of sugar-free, diabetic-friendly chocolate chips. Pascha chocolate chips are a crowd favourite for 100% cacao sugar-free chocolate chips. However, if you don’t mind a little natural sweetener, Lily’s chocolate chips are a great choice for unsweetened chocolate chips. If you prefer your chocolate chips to be sweetened with coconut sugar, then Hu are the chocolate chips for you!

Question 6: Are there Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips in Canada?

You bet! Natura Market carries a variety of gluten-free chocolate chip brands. Enjoy Life chocolate chips are a crowd-favourite! These chocolate chips are not only gluten-free, the chocolate chips are also free of the top-8 allergens including dairy, soy, and peanuts! Other brands like Pascha, Lily’s, and Hu also provide gluten-free chocolate chips.

Question 7: Which Chocolate Chips Are the Best?

Well, we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

How did you do? Did you get them all right or do you have some studying to do? If you need to brush up on your chocolate chip knowledge, we suggest that you try all types of chocolate chips! If you got them all right, then congratulations! Put your chocolate chip knowledge to use and bake yourself a treat! The chocolate chip-abilities are endless!