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Sushi DIY Sale!

Sushi DIY Sale!

Let’s get ready to roll-ble with these sushi DYI ingredients! The only rice way to have sushi is your way, so stock your pantry full of these products for the next time you want to have a little taste of Japan right in the comfort of your own home!
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Sushi DIY

Rice and miso and ginger, oh my! Have a love for all things sushi but want to stay in? Well now, you can maki it yourself! Introducing the Sushi DIY laboratory, where you can find everything you need and experiment any way you wish to your heart’s content with a fan favorite; sushi! From maki, to sushi bowls, even burritos, you’ll be able to have sushi the way you love it with these great ingredients for all your sushi ideas! 

In this list, you’ll be able to find healthier and delicious ingredients from start to finish for your “create your own sushi adventures”! Why go out to buy sushi when you can roll with the good times right at home with these diet friendly alternatives to sticky rice, tuna, seaweed, even for your sushi sides and condiments, we’ve got all the fixings for a quick and easy way for you to maki your own sushi any day of the week when those cravings are calling! Get ready to fall soy in love with our selection and have sushi your way any day or night!