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Some people have a pizzeria, but we have a pasta-ria! At Chickapea, our mission is to bring goodness to every bite through our nutritious, vegan and organic pasta. We are dedicated to being the healthiest choice for all Canadians and refuse to compromise on taste, flavour or ingredients. Chickapea focuses on making mealtime nutritious, quick, convenient and your favourite time of the day! We continuously innovate our products to bring better, healthier and more satisfied smiles to your kitchen table. Our products are intended not only to do good with every bite, but also to inspire you to do good after every bite. At Chickapea, we lead by example by creating our products organic, free of GMOs, plant-based and eco-friendly. But, we don’t stop there. Every time you purchase one of our crave-worthy chickpea and lentil pasta products, you help to make healthy and delicious food more accessible to all communities. Each time you choose Chickapea, you’ll receive high quality, high protein and high fibre plant-based products that feed our bodies, our communities and our planet. With Chickapea, the choice is always clear--choose right, choose Chickapea.