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Want yourself so mo’ noodles? With Momofuku noodles, you’ll be in noodle heaven! Made with air-dried A-sha noodles, their noodles are never fried, and curled to retain that delicious seasoning packet they come with. Have restaurant quality noodles and top it off with their chili crunch and their soy sauce for a whole new experience!
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David Chang first opened his restaurant, the Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004, and has received countless accolades throughout his ever expanding food journey! Not only is he the founder and chef of Momofuku but he’s also the host of his own show, the David Chang Show, he’s created documentaries and created renowned cookbooks as well. He’s truly been all over the map of the food industry world, it’s no wonder he was named one of the most influential people in the 21 century by Esquire. Alongside his CEO, Marguerite Zabar Mariscal, who’d started her journey with Momofuku back in 2011 as an intern and has steadily climbed through the ranks and after 8 years, became the CEO, they curated the Momofuku brand further so that people could take that restaurant quality noodles home with them! 



Momofuku noodles are made with air dried A-Sha noodles, and each pack comes with its own flavor packet that makes the perfect, restaurant quality noodle dish! And to top that off, you can add on Momofuku’s crunchy chili oil that comes in three delicious flavors and spiciness, depending on what you like! Or, if you don’t fancy noodles or chili oil, they also seasoning salt which can be the perfect complimentary spice to any dish! Possibilities are endless when it comes to the Momofuku line!