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Made in Canada

Made in Canada

Ohhh Canadaaa! Our home and - ahem…we got a bit carried away there! We thought you would find that A-MOOSING! Still not having it? Okay then no worries! We’re just here to present you with great products that are Made in Canada!
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Do you Be-LEAF in magic? Okay maybe not actual magic, but how about the magic of supporting Canadian made products? Yeah that sounds more like it! So what does made in Canada mean? When a product claims to be “Made in Canada” then that means the final alteration of the product happened in Canada! Even if some of the ingredients that the product has is sourced from other countries, it would still classify the product as “Made in Canada”. What is the difference between Product of Canada and Made in Canada? There is a slight difference between something being a “Product of Canada” and it being “Made in Canada”. The major difference between the two is as follows: Made in Canada - products have to obtain a 51% threshold of Canadian ingredients, with a statement on the label about the imported ingredients. Product of Canada - products have to meet a 98% threshold of Canadian ingredients. Then how can you tell if a product is made in Canada? You can tell a product is made in Canada because it will have the “Made in Canada” statement on the label! This will then be followed by another statement indicating that the product contains imported parts. For example, the label could say… “Made in Canada with imported parts” “Made in Canada with domestic and imported parts” At times, the statement will even indicate where these imported ingredients are sourced from. It varies from product to product! However, the use of the maple leaf icon doesn’t automatically imply that a product is made in Canada. The product has to have an accompanying statement about the content. But why buy products made in Canada? When you buy products that are made in Canada, it allows you to support emerging/up and coming businesses! Supporting these businesses will help them grow, which in turn creates more employment opportunities for others and helps strengthen the Canadian economy! Could it get any better than that…eh? Just kidding! However, waste no more time and dive into our amazing Made in Canada products from a variety of great brands!