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Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon

What’s that you hear in the distance beyond the mountains and throughout the canyons? Why, it’s the crispy crunch of Boulder Canyon’s kettle cooked potato chips!
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What’s better than Boulder Canyon chips? Nothing, because these chips rock! In 1994, Boulder Canyon was founded by 2 brothers - John and Mark Maggio, who had a dream for a healthier snack without sacrificing any taste. Made with simple ingredients and inspired by the carved canyons on the outskirts of their hometown, the Boulder Canyon’s kettle cooked potato chips come in a variety of flavors. Have their sea salt flavored chips in a convenient 6 snack pack as the perfect snack for your lunch or anywhere on the go, or if you fancy a bigger munch for your crunch, enjoy their bigger, shareable bags so you can enjoy with family and friends! Whether it’s thickly cut, crinkle cut, or their thin and crispy potato chips, all of them are made with a subtly sweet and healthy avocado oil base! Enjoy the big crunch of these cooked to perfection chips - that’s the Boulder chip!


Boulder Canyon kettle cooked potato chips are kosher certified and are made with non-GMO potatoes. Their gluten-free, thickly sliced chips come with a big crunch in a satisfying portion, convenient enough as a snack on the go!