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Low-Carb Bread & Wraps

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Low-carb bread galore! Welcome to a world where low carb and fresh bread can coexist in a happy, delicious union! With these ready-to-eat keto breads and tortillas, you don’t have to do any of the baking! There’s no experimenting for hours in the kitchen trying to get the right taste and texture, because we’ve selected only the best low carb breads and low carb tortilla wraps in Canada through a thorough taste testing process! Our taste buds and tummies approved - and we know yours will too! Fluffy, chewy and delicious, our selection of keto-friendly breads and tortilla wraps are made from wholesome, clean ingredients and are low in net carbs. With low-carb bread options that are high in fiber and rich in protein, our keto sandwich breads and low carb tortilla wraps are a much more nutritious alternative to lettuce wraps and lettuce buns. We also offer keto-friendly vegan tortilla wraps, nut-free keto bread, and low-carb gluten free tortilla options, so no matter your specific dietary restrictions are - you can enjoy fluffy low-carb bread without the worry! We have the right low carb tortilla wraps for vegan quesadillas, chocolatey dessert crepes, and keto breakfast burritos, and the perfect keto breads for keto BLT sandwiches and low-carb keto-friendly grilled cheese sandwiches. The possibilities are endless - and low in carbs, so you can stick to your diet and enjoy your favourite foods the way they are meant to be!