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Pasta & Noodles

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At Natura Market, we have pasta-bly the best healthy pasta and noodles. Whether you enjoy a short pasta, a long pasta, or a fun-shaped pasta, we have the pasta for you! We carry amazing brands with tasty gluten-free, keto, organic, grain-free, and vegan products that will add a “wow” factor to all your recipes. And, if you’re feeling like you need a ready-made pasta or noodle meal, we’ve got that too! From gluten-free mac and cheese to ramen noodles, there’s always something here for you. In fact, we’ve got pasta-bly the best collection of pasta and noodles for the whole family! From princess pasta to your classic A-B-C pasta noodles, we’ve got pasta in every shape and size to satisfy even the smallest tummies. At Natura Market, it is im-pastible to eat bad pasta or noodles--we carry only the healthiest brands with the best flavours and textures! With brands like Banza, Annie’s Homegrown, Miracle Noodles, Rao’s, Natural Heaven, and more, you’ll always have a reason to have pasta night. Choose from our high-protein chickpea pasta, organic veggie pasta, gluten-free pasta elbows, keto konjac pasta noodles, and more to make your pasta and noodle dreams a reality!