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Healthy Snacks Galore!

Are you looking for delicious, healthy snacks made from quality, good-for-you ingredients, that match your diet and lifestyle? Well the search is over, you’re in the right place! We’re the go-to place to buy healthy snacks online in Canada. Here at Natura Market, we want to make snacking as easy as it should be - while also as ensuring that your hunger and cravings are satisfied with snacks that are nourishing, yummy and quick. And no matter what you’re looking for we’ve got the right healthy snacks to keep and your family fueled throughout the day. 


We’ve made shopping for the best healthy snacks to buy easier, with our thoughtfully curated diet categories. So if you’re looking for good healthy snacks to buy, shop our favourite quick and easy healthy snack options below, based on your diet and lifestyle type!

Gluten-Free Snacks

Ketogenic / Low Carb Snacks

Paleo Snacks

Organic Snacks

Vegan Snacks

Plant Based Snacks

High Protein Snacks


Gluten-Free Snacks

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Ketogenic / Low Carb Snacks

Where can you buy the best ketogenic snacks for high fat, low carb snacks that actually taste good? Right here! And if you’re wondering what snacks you can eat while on a ketogenic diet or if you’re looking for healthy keto snack ideas, any of our approved ketogenic snacks will do. 

Tips for Keto Snacking:

  1. Be Prepared: Keto snacks are only available at selected locations. Stock up on your favourites to prevent any “hangry” moments.
  2. Read the Label: There are many types of keto diets. Make sure that your snacks fit your keto diet by reading the label.
  3. Look for keto certified snacks.

Check out some of our favourite low carb keto snack brands for only the best ketogenic snack foods!

Keto Bean & Veggie Snacks:

Keto Cookies:

Keto Chips:

Keto Crackers & Crisp Breads:

Keto Fruity Snacks:

Keto Jerky:

  • Chow down on sunshine and grass-fed beef snacks with high protein keto Nick’s Sticks!

Keto Puffs & Popcorn:

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Paleo Snacks

With the many restrictions of the paleo diet, it's hard to know what to eat! Meals and snacks require planning, and sometimes you’re just too hungry to think. And when that moment strikes, it’s good to have healthy paleo snacks on hand to bring you back to your senses. At Natura Market, we’ve got all the good paleo snacks to keep you on track - so you will never run out of paleo snack ideas.

Tips For Healthy Paleo Snacking:

  1. Look for items that are certified Paleo!
  2. Avoid most deli and cured meats! Always read the label.
  3. When it comes to paleo friendly snacks, you should be choosing snacks made with fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils!

If you’re looking for good paleo snacks to buy, check out our selection of the best paleo snacks:

Paleo Bean & Veggie Snacks:

Paleo Cookies:

Paleo Chips:

Paleo Crackers & Crisp Breads:

Paleo Fruit Snacks:

Paleo Jerky:

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Organic Snacks

The best things are found in nature without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. But doing the research of where to buy organic snacks online can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve done the research for the best organic snacks for you! 

Tips for Organic Snacking:

  1. Look for the Certified Organic symbol on packages.
  2. Look for products that are part of the non-GMO project!
  3. Try a variety of snacks to find your favorite!

If you’re looking for the healthiest organic snacks to buy, check out some of our favourite healthy organic snacks for inspiration!

Organic Bean & Veggie Snacks:

Organic Cookies: 

Organic Rice Cakes & Chips:

Organic Crackers & Crisp Bread:

Organic Fruit Snacks:

Organic Puffs & Popcorn:

Organic Seaweed Snacks:

Organic Frozen Treats:

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Vegan Snacks

Vegan snacks can be more than just fruits and veggies - and finding vegan snacks to buy online can be overwhelming. At Natura Market, we’ve made it simple for you to find healthy and yummy vegan snacks - perfect for each and every one of your cravings. 

Tips for Healthy Vegan Snacking:

  1. Look for Products Labelled as Vegan.
  2. Avoid products with gelatin, cochineal/carmine, castoreum, shellac, isinglass, and honey.
  3. Be cautious of natural flavourings and certain added vitamins, such as D3, as they may be derived from animals.

Check out our selection of the best healthy vegan snacks:

Vegan Bean & Veggie Snacks:

Vegan Cookies:

Vegan Chips and Rice Cakes:

Vegan Crackers 

Vegan Fruit Snacks:

Vegan Puffs & Popcorn:

Vegan Frozen Treats:

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Plant-Based Snacks

The best things seem to come from nature. Whether it be cookies, crackers or fruity snacks, choosing plant-based snacks can help you sneak in some essential nutrients - and can also make for some good high protein snacks as well. We have evidence that eating plant based foods is not boring nor tasteless. We went out to our garden and picked out the best of the best for healthy easy plant based snacks. 

Tips for Plant Based Snacking:

  1. Look for vegan products.
  2. Choose snacks made of legumes, which are high in protein.
  3. Complement incomplete protein snacks (snacks that lack amino acids) with other proteins.

Check out our easy plant based snack ideas for healthy plant based snacks:

Plant Based Bean & Veggie Snacks:

Plant Based Cookies:

Plant Based Pretzel and Chips:

Plant Based Crackers & Crisp Breads:

Plant Based Fruit Snacks:

Plant Based Puffs & Popcorn:

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High Protein Snacks

Nothing is worse than an energy crash midday - that’s why having healthy high protein snacks on hand can help to make sure you’re sustained in between meals. And whether you’re looking for high protein low carb snacks, plant based protein snacks or just want to know the best high protein snacks to keep you fueled, energized and nourished, you’ve come to the right place!

Tips for High Protein Snacking:

  1. Choose nut based products.
  2. Choose legume based products.
  3. Pair plant-based proteins together to make complete proteins.
  4. Aim for 0.8g/kg of protein per day.
  5. Pair protein with a carb to stay fuller longer.

Check out our easy and delicious selection of high protein snack ideas:

High Protein Bean & Veggie Snacks:

High Protein Cookies:

High Protein Pretzel and Chips:

High Protein Crackers & Crisp Breads:

High Protein Puffs:

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