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Rule Breaker Snacks

Rule Breaker Snacks

Break the mold and rule the classroom with Rule Breaker Junior Snacks that are the perfect lunchbox ready snack! Make your junior’s day a little sweeter with these delicious, vegan snacks, or keep them for yourself, they’re your rules to break and we won’t tell, cross our hearts!
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They’re a rule breaker, sweet maker, and chance taker, they’re the right kind of winners; Rule Breaker Snacks! They don’t mess around when it comes to breaking the rules of sweets by saying ‘no flour, no eggs, no butter!’ 

From a young age, Brooklyn based founder Nancy Kalish has always had a craving for confections and after becoming a certified health coach, she’d learned exactly how to eat healthy but she’d also learned that her sweet tooth was a bit too sweet and came to a decision to make healthier alternatives to the confections that she’d grown to love. Her background as a health journalist allowed her to learn about food allergies and just how many of those were in her favorite sweets, so she made something that everyone can enjoy! After a year of many attempts making brownies out of black beans, and finally tweaking her recipe to chickpea instead, she finally nailed a snack that was both delicious and healthy! And thus, the Rule Breaker Snacks were born! In 4 craveable flavors and irresistibly soft and chewy, Rule Breaker Snacks are Big 8 Allergen Free snacks that contain only clean ingredients, and their Junior snacks are the perfect snack for any lunch box, so no need to take any breaks away from your sweets, junior!


Rule Breaker Snacks are big 8 allergen-free, gluten free and vegan friendly snacks that anybody can enjoy! They are made with absolutely no preservatives and with clean ingredients that you and your junior can pronounce. In a pack of 5, these are the perfect lunch box ready snacks that are fantastic for school!