1. Canadian Foods Made Healthy

    4 Classic Canadian Recipes Made Healthy

    What's a better way to celebrate Canada Day than by making everyone's favourite Canadian recipes, healthy! We've given classic Canadian delicacies a tasty revamp while staying true to the great North. Delicious, authentic, and healthy--How cool is that, eh?

  2. Healthy Summer Drink List

    Healthy and Refreshing Summer Drinks List

    This summer, we're all about hydration! But when water just isn't cutting it anymore, we've created the Hydration Hall of Fame--healthy beverages that are sure to quench your thirst! Whether you're looking for probiotic beverages, non-alcoholic drink alternatives, or electrolytes, we got you covered! 

  3. Top 5 Summer Snacks

    Top 5 Healthy Summer Snacks

    Delicious, healthy, and refreshing treats all summer long! We've rounded up the best healthy snacks this summer so you can focus on soaking up the sun and leave the snack ideas to us! Perfect guilt-free treats that you and your whole family will love!

  4. Health benefits of spirit-free drinks

    Health Benefits of Spirit-Free Drinks

    Whether you're the designated driver, or just hate the taste of alcohol, these non-alcoholic and spirit-free beverages are sure to make your tastebuds happy! With delicious flavours and functional health benefits, we've round up a list of the best drinks!

  5. The Rise Of High-Protein Foods

    The Rise Of High-Protein Foods: How To Increase Your Protein Intake

    Making sure you get enough protein every day can be challenging. Life gets busy, and so do you, but that doesn't mean your diet should suffer! With more protein-fortified foods on the market, we cover everything you need to know about increasing your protein intake.
  6. Top Pet-Friendly House Cleaners Every Pet-Owner Needs

    Top Pet-Friendly House Cleaners Every Pet-Owner Needs

    If you have a pet, then you're going to want to read this one! Did you know that your home cleaning products could be considered toxic them? Learn how to shop for pet safe cleaning products and discover the best pet friendly brands, to help you keep your home clean and your furry friend feeling their best!
  7. 6 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

    6 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

    It's that time of year again, time to refresh your home for Spring, but no need to stress! Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a hassle, with these helpful Spring Cleaning Tips we show how to get your home as clean as possible and as easily as possible! The best part? These home cleaning tips involve eco-friendly, natural home cleaning solutions, for a safer home too!
  8. Sugar Detox Plant: How to do a Sugar Detox Safely  & Effectively

    Sugar Detox Plant: How to do a Sugar Detox Safely & Effectively

    There's a right way to do a sugar detox and a wrong way. If you're curious about sugar detoxing and don't know where to start, read along to learn how to safely do a sugar detox and the benefits of sugar detoxing! We cover everything from the foods you can eat on a sugar-free diet to how the side effects of sugar detoxing and more!
  9. How to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

    How to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

    Consider this your Gut Health 101— everything you need to know about the complex ecosystem that is your Gut Microbiome and how good gut and bad gut bacteria can impact your overall state and wellbeing. Well cover everything from how to restore healthy gut flora to foods that can help you improve your gut health.
  10. What to Eat to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

    What to Eat to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

    Looking to relieve yourself from the unbearable and uncomfortable symptoms of PMS in a natural, safe way? Well, it can be as easy as changing up the foods you eat around that time of the month! We've compiled a list of PMS-friendly foods to help you relieve PMS symptoms and feel your best when Mother Nature comes calling.

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