1. Healthier Easter Classics: Lightened Up Recipes

    Healthier Lightened-Up Easter Classics

    This Easter, let's raise a toast to lighter, brighter days ahead. With these healthy Easter recipes, you can ditch the dreaded food coma, and get that springtime hop in your step that'll have you feeling as light as a feather!

  2. Healthy Picnic Food

    Healthy and Easy Picnic Food Ideas

    That crisp breeze, the gentle warmth of the sun, and the irresistible urge to grab a blanket, pack a basket, and head outdoors? That's right – spring is in the air, and we're ready to embrace it with open arms and empty stomachs, thanks to our list of healthy (and portable) picnic food!

  3. High Protein Pesto Pasta

    High-Protein Pesto Pasta

    Elevate your pasta game with the 3 P's - protein pesto pasta - courtesy of Pastabilities! Bursting with fresh basil, aromatic garlic, nutty Parmesan cheese, and of course, protein, you've got pasta perfection in no time. Presto, pesto! 

  4. Vegan Cheesy Quesadillas

    Vegan Cheesy Quesadillas

    Did someone say, "more cheese please"? These ooey-gooey, cheesy quesadillas melt away any doubts you had about vegan cheese! With a delicious dairy-free cheese sauce tucked in between two soft tortillas, every bite is bound to be a 'grate' one!

  5. Spicy Fried Onion Sweet Chili Tofu

    Spicy Fried Onion Sweet Chili Crispy Tofu

    Lightly fried then tossed with Queens Premium Gluten-Free Crispy Onions and coated in sweet chili sauce - this tofu is pillowy on the inside and layered with crunch on the outside! Toss in your favourite sweet chili sauce and serve over rice for a sweet and satisfying weekday meal.

  6. Christmas Leftover Ramen

    Holiday Leftover Ramen

    If you thought the holidays were all about the main event—turkey, ham, and all the trimmings—think again! We're here to prove that the real magic happens AFTER the feast, when you dive into the world of Holiday Leftover Ramen!

  7. Thai Krapow Lentil Tofu Lettuce Cups

    Smokey Asian Lettuce Cups With Smokey Lentil & Tofu

    Fresh, light, and loaded with protein, these Smokey Lentil & Tofu Salad Cups made with Omsom’s Thai Krapow Sauce makes for a quick, easy, hearty and satisfying lunch. Use iceberg lettuce, and red cabbage, or serve the lentil and tofu mixture over a bed of mixed greens family-style! The options are endless.

  8. What To Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Easy Ways To Use Up Your Thanksgiving Leftover

    As Thanksgiving comes to an end, we find ourselves in a post-turkey daze, surrounded by mountains of mashed potatoes, oceans of gravy, and a cornucopia of cranberry sauce. But the best part is just beginning, the leftovers! And we're here to show you the best ways to use them--not just reheating and eating!

  9. Zesty Ahi Tuna Salad

    Zesty Seared Ahi Tuna Salad with Crispy Caribbean Lime Plantain Chips

    Colourful, fresh, and served with Solula Carribean Lime Kettle Cooked Plaintain Tostones - this delicious salad has hints of sweet, salty, and spicy in every bite! Scoop with plantain chips and make sure to savour every bite!

  10. Soba Noodle Salad

    Light and Crunchy Soba Noodle Salad with Chili Crisp Dressing

    Crunchy fresh vegetables and cool soba noodles tossed in a flavourful Tia Lupita Salsa Macha Chili crisp dressing make for a wonderfully refreshing salad. Delicious and bold in flavour, it is a must for your next summer dinner party!

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