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Dewey's Bakery

Dewey's Bakery

Dewey’s Bakery cookies are here and we couldn’t be happier! Delectably thin and crispy, these cookies can be easily enjoyed as a stand alone snack or with your favorite cup of milk or coffee!

Dewey’s Bakery had humble beginnings back in the 1930’s in downtown Winston-Salem during the Great Depression and they started with a simple mission; to make everyone’s day a little bit sweeter during those trying times. During WW2, sugar rationing made it harder to keep up with the demand, but their loyal clientele who’d fallen in love with Dewey’s cookies were all eager to help out and share their sugar so they could keep the cookies going! Throughout the years, Dewey’s Bakery has continued to both get and give back to their community, becoming a staple and further expanding their markets so more and more people could enjoy what they have to offer. Now, Dewey’s Bakery’s cookies are available nationwide so that everyone throughout the nation can enjoy these sweeter than life cookies! 



Dewey’s Bakery cookies are the sweetest thing! Give them to your sweetheart and loved ones and spread the joy of wholesomely made goodies. Kosher certified and made with lower sodium than the conventional cookies out there on the market, these cookies are sure to become your new favorite!