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Don't be a procrastinator, be a procaffeinator with Kitu coffee creamers! 

At Kitu, we design our products to power your entire day, without the crash!

Yes, we make coffee, but our dream is to mass-produce positivity! We are the modern leaders of the smart coffee movement – leading hearts and minds towards a life full of optimism and healthy living. Positive Energy is choosing to project happiness and optimism into the world and living up to that daily by sharing it with others despite the uncontrollable events around you. We believe that if you change your energy, you really can change your world.

We envision a world where everyone is energized and inspired to create positive change in their lives and others' lives for a brighter collective future.

At Kitu, we removed the negative energy (sugar & chemicals) from mainstream bottled coffees and energy drinks. We replaced it with Positive Energy: coffee, protein, natural sweetener, MCT oil... and nothing artificial. We fortify our products with additives that help promote wellness. No added sugar, ever.

No matter where your coffee preferences fall (sweet, creamy, black, iced, hot), we're here to help enhance your coffee habit. We offer countless flavor options that are indulgent & delicious.

Change the way you fuel your day with Kitu!