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Cheers! You’ll surely feel great the next morning with Surely’s non-alcoholic, keto beverages! Be the life of the party, or the party of your own life with Surely’s perfect curated beverages that have the same qualities that you’ve come to love from your wine, without the after effects. Now that’s surely a reason to celebrate!

Surely, we aren’t jesting when we say that Surely is the non-alcoholic wine that you’ve been looking for! Founder Ryan Hanson had come to a crossroads in his late twenties when it came to alcohol and experiencing the after effects, but with the lack of non-alcoholic beverages that were enjoyable out there on the market, Ryan had a tough time maintaining his desire to cut back on alcohol in those social occasions that called for a drink in his hand, even if it meant him not feeling his best self in the following morning. Realizing this dilemma, he wanted to completely remove alcohol from his life and started his research on the health benefits that he was looking for; better sleep, better food and better spirits. After three years of being completely alcohol free, Ryan’s relationship with alcohol completely changed and it inspired him to guide others who wanted to take part in the same journey that he was on. He wanted to create a product that people would look forward to drinking, and for those social occasions where not drinking would be far less intimidating. Ryan wanted everyone to be able to enjoy that glass of wine, whether for a chill day at home, or with friends, without those negative after effects that came with alcohol. Thus, with a lot of hard work, and a little of that winemaker magic, Surely was born! 


Surely’s non-alcoholic beverages have the same, great taste of the wine that you love, but without the alcohol! With grapes that are sourced from the premium regions in California, and from the dedicated work of talented winemakers, Surely has crafted a beverage with your wellness in mind, whatever your goal is. Enjoy these beverages at home or out with friends and have the ease of knowing that what you’re drinking is helping you maintain your health goals, long term, without any compromises.