1. Whole30-Approved Homemade Cold Brew + Nut Pods Cold Foam

    Whole30-Approved Homemade Cold Brew + Cold Foam

    Celebrate Whole30 month and take your at-home barista skills to the next level with this cafe-inspired homemade cold brew, topped perfectly with a Nutpod's cold foam! You won't believe how creamy and delicious this dairy-free creamer is, giving you a perfect frothy cup each time!
  2. 5 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake & Manage Your Sugar Cravings

    5 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake & Manage Your Sugar Cravings

    Cut down on your sugar intake and learn to control your sugar cravings with these 5 easy tips to help you reduce your sugar consumption while still finding new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings —because it's not about ignoring your cravings, it's about finding the best way to handle them!
  3. Gluten-Free Teriyaki Beef Skewer

    Whole30 Friendly Teriyaki Beef Skewers

    Make your own Whole30 friendly Teriyaki Sauce using Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos! This sweet, savoury sauce can be used as a stir fry sauce, as a dip, or for these easy mini teriyaki beef skewers.

  4. Tigernut Mini Muffins

    Tigernut Paleo Mini Muffins

    Enjoy a little treat with a lot of flavour! These paleo mini muffins are made with fresh bananas and pumpkin seeds for a little extra fibre and have no sugar added. They are small but mighty, and easy to pack in lunchboxes to enjoy on-the-go. Perfect as snacks, desserts, or craving crushers. Oh, and they are ready in just 30 minutes!
  5. Keto Spice Cake

    Keto Spice Cake

    These delicious low carbohydrate squares will become your go-to recipe for any occasion. Your baking can now be festive any weekend all year round.
  6. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

    Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

    These cookie cups are made with Pyure Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix making them super easy to whip up for your holiday potluck! Don’t forget to top with Whipped cream, or a toasty marshmallow!
  7. Gingersnap Muffins with Vanilla Buttercream

    Gingersnap Muffins with Vanilla Buttercream

    These Gingersnap muffins are a holiday treat everyone is sure to love! They have a soft fluffy texture, subtle ginger flavour, and they are made with simple ingredients. For a holiday brunch, bake them into mini muffins for a bite size treat!
  8. Creamy Vanilla Earl Grey Latte

    Creamy Vanilla Earl Grey Latte

    Try our twist on a London Fog. Make yourself a wonderfully frothy hot beverage that gives balanced long lasting energy. Do not forget to add some collagen creamer from Vital Proteins.
  9. Keto Chocolate Chia Mousse

    Keto Chocolate Chia Mousse

    The perfect make-ahead dessert for your next dinner party, these individual chia desserts are so rich and decadent that your guests won’t even know they are Keto friendly! Garnish with fresh raspberries, coconut, and mint, or delicious coconut whipped cream.
  10. 3-Layer Keto Chocolate Pudding Dessert

    3-Layer Keto Chocolate Pudding Dessert

    A little effort and a few easy steps is definitely worth the end result when it comes to this chocolatey layered pudding dessert. It is so decadent that your guests won’t even know it’s keto!

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