Healthy Keto Sweets and Treats

Healthy Keto Sweets and Treats

Just because you're committed to the keto lifestyle, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a treat every once in a while! In this blog, you'll find tons of keto friendly treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any dietary compromise.


The keto lifestyle may focus on eliminating unnecessary sugars and carbs from your daily diet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t delicious, keto friendly treats for you to get your hands on! No longer will you be craving your favourite chocolate bar or reminiscing about childhood trips to the candy store, as there are tons of tasty low sugar alternatives for your favourite treats. Here are some of the best keto sweet treats that will satisfy your candy cravings.

Keto Chocolate

Low Sugar Alter Eco Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bombs:

Say hello to the most explosive chocolate bomb you’ve ever tasted! Containing zero sugar, these keto chocolate treats are an amazing alternative to other sugar heavy desserts. The sheer power of the flavour contained in these Alter Eco chocolate bombs will blow your taste buds into next week as soon as they hit your tongue. The hazelnut butter provides a wonderful, soft texture within the decadent dark chocolate casing, creating a combination of gloriously satisfying flavours. If you crave a health conscious, but sweet low carb treat, Alter Eco’s Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bombs are the perfect keto chocolate bombs for you! 

Lily’s Low Sugar Cookies And Cream White Chocolate Bar:

Looking for the best keto chocolate treat on the market? Look no further than the bodaciously rich, low sugar Lily’s cookies and cream chocolate bar! This keto-friendly chocolate bar is not only gluten - free, it is chalked full of botanically sweetened cookie chunks that will bring joy to your senses. Cocoa butter and chicory root fiber are just a few of the sugar free ingredients found in this irresistible gluten free chocolate bar. The chicory root provides a healthy dose of fiber to help with bowel health and diminish the chances of accidental overeating. This Lily’s Sweets Keto Chocolate Bar is perfect for chocolate lovers who want to stay committed to their keto diet.

Keto-Friendly Pudding

Simply Delish Keto Banana Pudding:

This rich and luscious sugar-free banana pudding mix is incredibly convenient to whip up, only taking a mere 7 minutes! Don’t let that fool you, this isn’t your regular old gluten free instant pudding, as it contains natural banana flavouring and fully vegan ingredients. Simply Delish’s Keto Banana Pudding is perfect for any day of the week without needing to worry about surpassing your daily carb allotment. This will allow your body to continue breaking down fats into ketone bodies, providing a solid supply of physical and mental energy to help you power through the day! Simply Delish’s vegan banana pudding mix boasts a 4.6 star rating on our website, so you’ll be finding it hard not to eat the entire package immediately after making this tasty treat!

Sweet Keto Candy

Kiss My Keto Tropical Rings Gummy Candy:

Nothing can prepare you for the magnificent burst of tropical fruit flavours that these gummies possess! Kiss My Keto’s Tropical Fruit Gummies are made with less than 1g of sugar and only 2g of net carbs, making it an awesome sweet keto treat for anyone pursuing this diet. Kiss My Keto’s vegan, low sugar gummies house health conscious ingredients such as natural fruit flavours and stevia leaf extract, so you’ll never feel the urge to eat sugar filled treats ever again.    

Better Bears Vegan Gummy Bears:

If you’re searching for a pack of keto gummy bears that are as sweet as they are healthy, you’re in for a real treat! Better Bears’ Mixed Berry, Keto-Friendly Gummy Bears are oozing with sugar-free fruity flavours that will brighten anyone’s day! Who would’ve thought that you could make a delicious gummy bear without gelatin, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours? On top of that, a whole package of Better Bears’ low sugar gummy bears contains only 50 calories and 6g of carbs, making it the ultimate binge-worthy candy for any keto enthusiast.

Keto Ice Cream Mix

MasterMix No Added Sugar Ice Cream Mix:

Feast your eyes on the delectable, rich and taste bud pleasing MasterMix Keto Friendly Vanilla Ice Cream. No matter the occasion, this keto ice cream mix is destined to satisfy your desires for a low-sugar treat that doesn’t force you to compromise your dietary goals! All you need is a freezer and two cups of cream to make this low carb keto ice cream a reality. Feeling creative? Add your favourite toppings such as granola, peanut butter, caramel and fruits to make this the best keto ice cream you’ve ever had! To top it all off, if you’re a fan of supporting local businesses, it just so happens that MasterMix is a Canadian brand operating out of Guelph, Ontario! This is the essential low sugar ice cream mix for people who love to be creative when whipping up their preferred desserts while also staying true to their keto commitment. 

Keto Certified Specialty Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Sip Herbal's Keto Chai Latte Mix:

Be prepared to dance your way through the morning when consuming a nice warm cup of Sip Herbals’ low carb chai latte! There’s no better option for a homemade keto chai latte, as there is no sugar and only 4g of carbs per serving. Now your coffee will wake you up AND contribute to your brain function as your body can continue in its state of ketosis. The fragrant, sweet blend of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla bean will have you in a state of pure bliss, and is the perfect way to combat morning brain fog. Sip Herbals’ Dirty Chai Coffee Substitute is also amazing for those who want to improve their gut health, as it’s made with ingredients that nurture and sooth your digestive system, such as ginger.

Matteo’s Sugar-Free Barista StyleCoffee Syrup:

Are you wondering what coffee syrups are keto friendly? Luckily, Matteo’s Sugar Free Barista Style Coffee Syrup is here to end your search! Surprisingly, this vegan coffee syrup contains ZERO calories and ZERO carbs, but you wouldn’t know that due to the warm, smooth sweetness that emanates with every sip. This is the perfect sugar-free coffee syrup to “sweetify” your morning coffee without making compromises to your dietary restrictions. Whether you’re making a before-work beverage or a Sunday morning sweet drink, Matteo’s keto-friendly coffee syrup will leave you sweetly satisfied. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao Keto Hot Chocolate Mix (With Reishi):

Kick back and relax after a long, stressful day at work with Four Sigmatic’s Low Calorie Mushroom Cacao Keto Hot Chocolate Mix! Known as the “mushroom of immortality”, the reishi mushroom has been proven to destress and relax those who consume it.  Not only does this keto-friendly hot chocolate mix help with sleep and stress, it contains only 4gs of carbs and 2gs of sugar, making it a fantastic way to calm your senses, improve your sleep and stick to your diet. If that doesn’t sell you on Four Sigmatic’s vegan hot chocolate mix, then the combination of fragrant cinnamon and delightful chocolate flavours will be sure to tip you over the edge! 

Final Thoughts

People may assume that the keto diet excludes your favorite low carb sweets and treats from your daily life, but that certainly is not the case! There are tons of healthy options for candy, chocolate, ice cream, pudding, specialty coffees and hot chocolate that dont force you to break your dietary commitments. No longer will you be asking “is there keto friendly candy?” as these products use ingredients that encourage people to continue living a healthy lifestyle and acknowledge the fact that everyone should be able to enjoy a their favorite sweet treat. Shop for all your keto-friendly sweets and treats here!

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