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Mike's Mighty Good

We’ve got some mighty good news for ramen lovers everywhere, Mike’s Mighty Good ramen is here and they’re changing up the ramen game with their personally crafted ramen from scratch and rich broth that you can just indulge in!
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In 2014, Mike’s Mighty Good’s founder Mike, asked himself why the ramen he’d get at the grocery store wasn’t the same as a restaurant quality ramen, and being one of his go-to comfort meals, he decided to do something about this taste gap and using his culinary background in spices, he sought to bring restaurant quality flavours with the convenience of instant ramen, thus the seed of Mike’s Mighty Good was planted. In the beginning, marrying these two ideas wasn’t an easy feat, and it took many years before Mike and his growing team had something that was enjoyable and healthier, but in due time and the turning of 2017 brought about the very first ramen that Mike had shared with the world in the hopes of changing up the instant ramen game. Mike’s Mighty Good ramen utilizes simple ingredients that allow for his craft ramen to have 40% less sodium than the conventional leading brands, while still being able to retain the restaurant quality, taste and texture! To this day, Mike and his team are still evolving to bring about more and different quality flavours to their ever-expanding brand of ramen, with no compromising whatsoever when it comes to health because the best comfort food is the kind that you can feel mighty good about.      




Mike’s Mighty Good craft ramen is 100% organic and their noodles are crafted by hand, steamed, not fried, and are made without the use of palm oil! Crafted every day in their California facility, their organic ramen noodles come with a rich broth packet and are packed in a certified sustainable cup! This ramen is quick and easy to make - just add some boiling water and in a few minutes, you have yourself a perfectly decadent cup of ramen!