1. Vegan Caprese Salad with a Twist

    Vegan Caprese Salad with a Twist

    Taste and presentation come together with this Vegan Caprese Salad with a Greek Twist, made with plant-based feta cheese! Sure to start off any dinner party, this sweet and savory combination tastes just as good as it looks. Topped with raspberries and Galaxy's Balsamic Cream Gold, a gold spec infused balsamic dressing, this easy caprese salad is going to impress your guests!
  2. Gluten-Free Chomps Fiesta Salad

    Gluten-Free Chomps Fiesta Salad

    Bring on the flavor fiesta with this Fiesta Salad! Made with Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sausage Sticks and garden-fresh vegetables, for a high-protein salad that will leave you energized and satisfied! Easy to prepare, this gluten-free fiesta bowl brings just the right amount of heat to the lunch or dinner table!

  3. The Sneaky Ingredients Ruining your Salad Dressings

    The Sneaky Ingredients Ruining your Salad Dressings

    Did you know your salad dressing could be making your salad unhealthy? Find out what bad-for-you ingredients could be hiding in your favorite salad dressing, and discover the healthiest salad dressings that are not only nutritional, but taste delicious as well!
  4. Paleo-friendly Hawaiian Shrimp Salad

    Paleo-friendly Hawaiian Shrimp Salad

    Grab a taste of summer with this simple paleo-friendly Hawaiian Shrimp dish -- served in a fresh pineapple bowl! The sweetness of the pineapple coats the crispy shrimp and flavours the rice creating a sweet paradise.

  5. Classic Wedge Salad

    Classic Wedge Salad

    Summer came early! Make this easy-to-make, classic wedge salad made with crisp and refreshing iceberg lettuce wedges, drizzled with a creamy, homemade blue cheese dressing and topped with crisp bacon crumble - the perfect side dish for summer bbq!

  6. Immune Boosting Daffodil Spring Salad with a Lemon Tahini Dressing

    Immune-Boosting Salad with Citrus Dressing

    Boost your immune system with this easy immune boosting salad recipe. Made with antioxidant-rich golden berries and topped with a citrus-based salad dressing by Chosen Foods, this colorful Spring salad is light, tasty, and sure to keep the sniffles away!
  7. Zesty Black Bean & Chickpea Quinoa Salad

    Zesty Black Bean & Chickpea Quinoa Salad

    Bob's Red Mill Quinoa is a must-have for all pantries. Delicious and flavourful as a side, and even better mixed with a variety of fresh vegetables for a wonderful cold salad like our Zesty Black Bean & Chickpea Quinoa salad!

  8. Chipotle-Ranch Potato Salad

    Chipotle-Ranch Potato Salad

    This potato salad is super creamy and full of flavour using Chosen Foods Chipotle Ranch Dressing! Finely diced jalapeno gives it an extra kick, and fresh sweet corn adds a touch of sweetness. Perfect for your next outdoor gathering.
  9. Summer Sweet Pea Pasta Salad

    Summer Sweet Pea Pasta Salad

    This summer vegetable-packed pasta salad made with Veggie Craft Farms Elbow pasta packs in 13 grams of protein per serving! It is easy to make, delicious, and easily modified to be 100% plant-based —  perfect for your next family BBQ or picnic!
  10. Summer Salad with Ranch Dressing and Roasted Chickpeas

    Summer Salad with Ranch Dressing and Roasted Chickpeas

    Relive the summer! Recharge your batteries with this amazing light and healthy meal. Easy to make - easy to enjoy!

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