Battle of the Hot Honeys: The 4 Best Hot Honeys

Battle of the Hot Honeys: The 4 Best Hot Honeys

Welcome to the sizzling showdown of hot honeys! From subtle sweet heat to fiery flavour, join us to discover which hot honey will reign supreme in adding that perfect zing to your favourite dishes!



Come one, come all to the sweetest and hottest battle of the century, and who’s on the roster to duke it out? Hot honeys! Well, the different brands of hot honey, because what’s better than the sweet, decadent indulgence of honey? A kick of spice to come with it. Sweet and spicy, who doesn’t love themselves some hot honey to drizzle on some pizza or wings or pasta? Hot honey offers versatility to your savory dishes that regular honey may not, and if you’re wondering which honey is the best one to place your bets on, then we’ve got you covered!


Mike's Hot Honey

In this corner, we’ve got Mike's Hot Honey, the honey infused with chili peppers to give some heat to your sweet! Paleo and plant based friendly, you’ve got your choice between their hot honey infused with chili peppers or, for those who are daring enough to try it, their extra hot honey that’ll give your mouth that capsaicin tingle that all spice heads love! 


Peace River

Rumbling with a passion for honeybees, Peace River is the contender for those who love themselves some honey with not only a kick of heat but with a twist! With the smokey and delectable bourbon hot honey to their tangy and sweet pineapple jalapeno hot honey, you can have your hot honey with something a bit extra. Low sodium and made right here in Canada, these hot honeys will bring a tangy sweet or smokey undertone to your dishes! 



For those who want a little crunch to their dishes, in this corner, we have hot honey for chili oil lovers everywhere; Momofuku's hot honey chili crunch! Sweet, savory and crunchy, your tastebuds will go on a sweet heat adventure with their notes of wildflower honey blended so beautifully with their savory, umami rich chili oil crunch, this contender is a double whammy in taste and texture! 



Another worthy contender that’ll have you singing their praises for creating a hot honey that’s a 1:1 match to the bee-made honey, but entirely plant based! Giving those weary pollinators a rest, Mellody’s hot honey is just as rich, hot and drizzle-worthy as their bee-made counterparts. Entirely gluten-free and vegan certified, this plant based hot honey will provide a one-two combo punch of flavor to any dish or marinade! 


Now that you’ve got the roster sheet of these worthy hot honey opponents, which will you be placing your favorites on to make it to the top of your kitchen essentials? 

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