Healthy Coffee That's Better Tasting and Better for You

Healthy Coffee That's Better Tasting and Better for You

Grab your favourite mug, dust off your French press, and join NaturaMarket as we explore some awesome ways to upgrade your coffee game! From sneaky healthy additions to full-blown coffee revolutions, we're about to uncover the secrets to make your daily cup of joe the best it's ever been.



Everyone’s take on coffee is different, some like it occasionally, others can go without, and then there are those of us who need it like it’s water. We get it, we’re not ashamed to say that there are days when we can’t even wake up properly without caffeine to get us going, everyone has those days sometimes! While coffee on its own does the job, sometimes needed in multiple cups during the day to keep us going, we can probably all agree that aside from the momentary boost in caffeine, coffee in itself doesn’t really provide much in the way of nutrition. Being one of the first things that we consume to start our day, it’s important that we start off on the right foot in the right way, which is why we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to make your morning coffee that much better for you! 

If you’re someone who likes to have creamer or milk with your coffee, or you're finding some healthy substitutions for your creamers, look no further than these brands that have creamers with a purpose! 



Laird is the superfood creamer that you’re looking for! Paleo-friendly and dairy-free, these plant-based creamers are filled with nutrients to keep you energized from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. From the creative mind of Laird Hamilton, who also loved himself a good cup of coffee to start his day, he wanted his morning coffee to be more meaningful and fueling, and thus gained the attention of his friend, Paul Hodge, who worked with him to make Laird Superfoods a reality! Not only do they have delicious superfood creamers with reduced sugar, they also have great, classic flavours like mocha and pumpkin spice! Or, if you’re an all-in-one kind of person, Laird’s got instant coffee and creamer with adaptogens, so no more hassle in deciding what to go with your coffee when you’ve got it all in one place! Laird Superfood is all about convenience, wellness and making their products with the same care that they offer their friends and family because everybody deserves a coffee that does it all!   



If you’re not one for creamers but still want to enjoy different flavours in your coffee, Matteo’s may be just the thing for you! Their syrups are vegan-friendly, dairy-free and ketogenic and all it takes is one pump to change the taste of your average cuppa! Matteo’s was made with a love for coffee but not having time to wait in those long lines in those popular coffee shops and even worse, when you’ve waited so long and take your coffee to go, only to realize it’s incorrect! Then to have to go back and wait while they fix it–Matteo’s said “enough of that” and made their own way to enjoy an instant, barista-style coffee at home. The beauty in their syrups is that unlike the sugar-dense syrups found in coffee shops or on the grocery shelves, Matteo’s is completely sugar-free! With classic flavours to amp up your cup of coffee like hazelnut chai, french vanilla and other creative flavours like irish cream and toasted marshmallow, you can switch up your flavour of coffee almost every day! No more having the same cup of coffee every day, get ready to unleash your barista-like prowess and serve up quality coffees without the wait, and have it just the way you like it right in the comfort of your own home!        


Vital Proteins

Love yourself some protein and don’t want to waste an opportunity to squeeze in some more of it to hit your protein goals for the day? Coffee is the best place to add in some protein, and Vital Proteins has got collagen peptides and collagen creamer to add to your morning coffee! Like many of us know, Vital Proteins understands just how, well, vital proteins are in a diet, but what’s more vital than that is the source of proteins that we decide to integrate into our diets. After looking for sustainably sourced, high-protein products and coming up short, the makers of Vital Proteins pooled their knowledge and created their own products using sustainably sourced, highest-quality ingredients! Dense in nothing but the best protein to keep your body energized and made with collagen to keep your skin, joints, bones and nails happy, Vital Proteins products can seamlessly be added with no hassle! It’s easy to dissolve and easily digestible as well as paleo-friendly and works with a Whole30 diet.

If you’re someone who enjoys having a coffee on the go, or just doesn't have time to make a coffee at home, there’s a myriad of brands out there nowadays that have curated instant coffee that you can take anywhere, stress-free! 


Alani Nu

Alani Nu is perfect for those who want a coffee that works with their workout goals, regardless of what they are! Whether you’re going to the gym to hit a new PR, or you’re just starting out, Alani Nu will be by your side every step of the way, including right when you wake up with their high-protein cold brew coffee! With flavours like mocha, salted caramel, and the classic cappuccino, you can start your day off with that boost in protein and tackle your day with energy! Not only are these coffees a good and refreshing way to start your day, but you can take them on the go wherever life takes you. From the office to the gym, you can enjoy your coffee in a whole new way without the hassle of making it at home. Alani Nu protein coffees are also great iced, which is an even more refreshing way to start your day!



We hope these brands will liven up your coffee and your spirits every day!

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