Keto Meringue Parfaits

Keto Meringue Parfaits

Create the perfect parfait using Sweet Well Meringue bites! This twist on a classic dish brings a touch of colour and a bundle of flavour. Plus, it doesn't require a professional chef to whip up this delicious treat. It requires only 6 ingredients, one bowl, and a big appetite!


Keto, Dairy-free

Makes 2 servings



1/2 Cup dairy-free cream cheese

1/3 Cup Soy Delicious Coco Whip frozen topping

2 Tbsp Swerve granular sweetener

Sweet Well Strawberry Meringue Bites

Sweet Well Coffee Meringue Bites

Fresh raspberries



1. In a small bowl whip the dairy free cream cheese, whipped topping and swerve with a hand mixer.

2. To assemble, add about a Tbsp of the cream cheese mixture to bottom of each glass.

Add 4 raspberries to each glass. Break 2 strawberry meringues into each glass.

3. Add another dollop of the cream cheese mixture. Add 3 raspberries. Break 3 coffee meringues into each glass.

4. Use rest of the cream cheese and spoon into each glass. Add 3-4 raspberries then top each with whipped coconut topping. Enjoy!

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