The Ultimate Back-to-School Snack Hack for Parents & Kids

The Ultimate Back-to-School Snack Hack for Parents & Kids

Get ready for back to school with this hack for picking out the best back to school snacks! We take all of the stress out of snack time, by breaking down the healthy snacks for kids that you need to stock your snack pantry with. With great tasting snacks made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients, both you and your child(s) will both love these healthy snacks for school!


The sun is shining, the air is becoming crispier, the streets are getting quieter, oh, and what’s that we hear? Ah, the magical sound of pencils sharpening and school bags zipping--This can only mean one thing,’s back to school season! Up and at 'em everybody! This wonderful time calls for a new routine. From chasing down your child to get them in the car to teaching your young one how to use their webcam, back-to-school time always comes with new stressors and challenges. And, this year we’re not letting snack time add to your stress. Let’s be honest, kids are picky and will put up a fight about food. Which is why we developed the ultimate stress-free hack for the back-to-school season...creating the ultimate kid-approved snack pantry. With an expertly designed snack pantry you’ll be able to feed your kid(s) a secretly healthy snack every school day for the 2021-2022 school year without them complaining (Big promise, we know). For best results, it is important that you follow our smart snacking strategy and build your very own ultimate healthy snack pantry for your kid(s)...and for your sanity. You’ll need to have a kid-approved snack for every type of situation ready. Here’s how to build your own kid-approved snack pantry:

The “I Slept Well” Snacks: 

This area of your snack pantry/drawer will house the snacks for when you, as a parent, had an extra restful good night’s sleep, meaning that you’re willing to put up with a little more craziness or resistance from your kid(s). This snack area includes the healthiest of snacks. That’s right, we’re talking about fruits and veggies, but without the mess. We’re providing you with three types of fruit and vegetables snack options that make feeding your child(s) fruit and vegetables a much easier task. First in line is Barnana. Barnana offers real freeze-dried bananas covered in decadent chocolate or real banana, mango or coconut bites. We’ll also hook you up with Solely. Solely makes it almost impossible for your child(s) to realize that they’re eating real fruit with their fruit gummies and fruit jerkies, made with 3 or less ingredients. Lastly, you’ll also have access to Rhythm Superfoods, the only snacks that can convince your child that eating vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower is the tastiest snack they can have!

The “It’s Monday” Snacks:

Monday’s are hard and extremely busy. From trying to get your kid(s) to wake up on time to remembering to sign their permission slips, you don’t have time to think about what healthy snack to give them. So, we recommend dedicating a snack area in your pantry/drawer to Mondays, or for when you’re having one of those Monday-like days. Fill it with quick, easy, and healthy snacks that are almost guaranteed to receive no-push back from your kids. We recommend snack bars--the ultimate child approved snack! But, you’ll need to choose the right ones, if not you could be feeding your kid(s) a tonne of sugar, GMOs, allergens, and other stuff that you don’t want them eating. We recommend these snack bars, to save your kid(s) from gluten, dairy, nuts, added sugar, or allergens, and to save yourself of the headache from having to deal with the side-effects of these unhealthy snacks. With That’s It No Added Sugar Fruit Bars, Welo Probiotic Bars, Healthy Crunch School Safe Bars, Kodiak High Protein Bars, or Smashmallow Crispy Gluten-Free Squares, you’ll stay clear of a headache and junk! 

The “Crowd Pleasing” Snacks:

So, you’ve got kids and then they’ve got their friends, and next thing you know there’s multiple little munchkins under your supervision. And, it only takes one kid saying “I’m hungry!” to cue a herd of children running towards the kitchen to snack on whatever they can get their hands on. And, that’s where this snack area comes in handy! In this area you’ll house the healthy snacks that everybody loves. We recommend filling it with something that is simple and healthy like crackers made from simple ingredients, so, all you have to do is put out some cheese or a tasty dip and watch the kids go bananas. Or, you could simply leave the healthy crackers out and have the kids eat it by the handful while you duck and cover. 

The “Good Kid” Snacks:

This area is reserved for days when your child(s) has been extra good! From getting an A+ in school to completing the chores to not fighting with their siblings, we can all agree that sometimes kids deserve an extra special snack. And, this is where a sweet yet casual treat comes in. Nothing too fancy, yet something that they don’t typically have. We recommend something like a healthy cookie. Simple Mills, MadeGood, and Enjoy Life all offer a variety of allergen-friendly cookies that are sweet, healthy, and delicious for children (and you) to enjoy. Free of common allergens like gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and bucket loads of sugar, these healthy cookies are rewarding for the body and soul!

The “Bribery” Snacks:

Sometimes kids can drive you a little bit crazy. You need them to finish their homework and they won’t stop playing video games or you want them to help clean their room and they make a bigger mess than when they started, that’s just kids being kids. But, we’re here to help ease your load a little bit through a little method known as “bribery”. For this method to work you’ll need a snack that is funky and exciting, yet not too unexpected, like candy. Yes, bribery is not always the most ethical method but sometimes you just need your kid(s) to do as they are told. And, with our collection of healthy candy no harm is done! Our kid-friendly candy is low in sugar, allergen-friendly, and may taste even better than the sugar-filled conventional candy! Ensure to stock up on an assortment of lollipops, taffy, gummies, and chewie candy to always keep them guessing! With our healthy and delicious candy bribery method, you’ll have those chores done in no time!

The Emergency Snacks:

These snacks are your life raft for when your boat is sinking! It is for your absolute S.O.S moments when you just can’t take it anymore. It’s for moments when you’re ready to wave the white flag and allow the tiny human that you’ve raised to win and eat the junk food that they are passionately demanding. So, instead of letting them win, you can use these emergency snacks to create a win-win situation: they get the indulgent snack they were demanding while getting a healthy dose of nutrients. Bonus, you’ll get to save yourself the extra time you would have spent arguing with your child to eat a healthy snack and use it for yourself. In your emergency snack selection you’ll want to have Ohh! Foods Allergen-Friendly Cookie Dough, DeeBees Frozen Fruit Pops, and Birch Benders Desserts in a Cup. All of these healthy snacks are low in sugar and add a touch of extravaganza to your snack pantry/drawer. Your kid(s) will not expect to see this fun (and healthy) twist coming, and you’ll be the ultimate superhero parent. Plus, you’ll have your peace of mind knowing that your kids are eating a healthy dessert...and that you secretly won the fight.

Key Take-Aways & Final Thoughts: 

As a parent, you do your best to get your child(s) to eat healthily, but sometimes it can be an uphill battle. However, with this hack up your sleeve you’ll have no problem keeping your kid(s) satisfied and healthy. Providing your kid(s) with healthier versions of the snacks that they already know and love is the secret to avoiding the kicking, screaming, and the snack trading sessions at school. Having a fine collection of junk-free snacks ready for whenever these healthy eating tantrum episodes arise will save you the stress and help you enjoy more of your child(s). Parenting is hard enough, so why not take a load off? Start building your ultimate kid-approved snack pantry here!

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