Best New Keto Snacks Round-Up to Curb Carbs

Best New Keto Snacks Round-Up to Curb Carbs

Shopping for keto snacks can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! These are the best new low-carb snacks that won’t derail your diet. The best part? They’re all available right here at Naturamarket!


Are you ready to elevate your snacking game? Here at Natura Market, we’re always on the hunt for the hottest and healthiest new snacks out there in the snacking game, and boy oh, boy, have we got a great, new roster for you! These snacks are currently popping off the low carb charts and we’re rolling out the red carpet to announce these health conscious snacks that you can munch on during your next snack sesh!


Go wild for WILDE chips! 

WILDE chips come from a place of dreams and hard work from someone who knew how to dream big and had the support of his mom and grandmother to never give up! Thus with this vision of creating a healthier comfort snack, WILDE chips were born. Loaded with protein and paleo friendly, these chips are antibiotic-free chicken breast, cooked and seasoned to perfection, you won’t even tell that they aren’t made from potatoes, and because they’re made of real chicken, it’s a perfect low carb, high protein option to munch on when you’re feeling for something savory without making a whole meal! Comforting, crunchy and delicious, these are the chips to go absolutely WILDE for!  


Flock’s Chicken Skin Crisps are all you’ll talk about!

Another crunchy and perfectly seasoned delight, with just a touch of oil to really bring out the flavors, Flock’s chicken skin crisps are the low carb, high protein snack of your dreams! Made from 100% real chicken skins, Flock’s all about comfort, convenience and health with their range of chicken skin crisps; want it spicy? They’ve got it! BBQ? Got that too! Even Salt and Vinegar? Yes, yes and yes! Indulge in their versatile flavors without sweating the small stuff, no more feeling guilty about indulgence, Flock is here to let you indulge in the crunch, crisp and everything in between with their fried to perfection chicken skin crisps.


Say hello to Hilo Life chips! 

Hello, hello, it’s Hilo Life, the low carb, ketogenic super snack that delivers the satisfying crunch and those bold flavors when the munchies call! Hilo Life is easily your keto lifestyle’s best friend when it comes to snacks, long gone are the days where we need to pass over chips as unhealthy, because Hilo Life is the keto hero that’s changing the low carb snacking game! High in protein and with no added sugars, you’ll be able to enjoy Hilo Life to the fullest because they want you to keto your way any time of the day. Need a movie snack or a snack on the go? Look no further than Hilo Life chips, conveniently packaged in single serving bags that you can take anywhere your keto life takes you!


Mr. Tortilla snack packs are for the Mr’s, Ms’s and everyone in between! 

Mr. Tortilla’s snack packs are the game changer for your low carb snack game. Zero sugar, cholesterol and guilt, these vegan friendly chips are the perfect addition to your snack pantry for game nights, movies, or any other time you just feel like snacking a bit! Made using their 1 net carb tortillas and with avocado oil, these delicious, crunchy chips yield only 3 net carbs per serving, they’re the low carb snack of your dreams! Dip Mr. Tortilla tortilla chips in salsa, use them in nachos, or just enjoy them straight out of the bag as they are, these are the low carb chips made for any occasion. Enjoy them with friends and family or just keep them to yourself, we wouldn’t blame you, because they’re that good!   


Snack freely with some Freestyle Snacks!

We just gotta mention Freestyle Snacks to this hot new list of low carb snacks to add to your snacking pantry! Freestyle snacks is for all you olive lovers out there, their green and kalamata pitted olives are grown in greece, these juicy, jumbo olives are the perfect thing to add to your charcuterie boards, salads, or just to munch on straight out of their resealable snack pouches! Vegan and keto friendly, these low carb, marinated just right with all natural ingredients, this is a snack that bursts in your mouth with low carb goodness. It’s a different kind of crunch, but a satisfying one, nonetheless! Conveniently packaged in a liquid-free, resealable pouch, these olive snacks are the perfect thing that you can take on the go! No need to stress over your carb count with  Freestyle Snacks pitted olives!   


Make your life a little bit sweeter with Sana Sweet Life

Sana, ooh na-na, we left our hearts with Sana Sweet Life’s protein bites! With no added sugars, these protein bites offer sweetness without the high carbs to worry about, and give you that energy when you need it! High protein and low in net carbs, this versatile and not to mention, oh so sweet snack can be enjoyed any time of the day when the cravings call to you! Sana marries the delicious with the healthy, the wellness and the pleasure because everybody, no matter the circumstances of their lifestyle, deserves a touch of sweetness that can be easily added to their snacking list, without worrying about what's on the packaging. Enjoy the sweet life with Sana Sweet Life protein bites!


Go nuts for The Ketonut

We all love ourselves a good, sweet snack, or a low carb snack, nay, a healthy snack! Well no more needing to choose between them because The Ketonut snacks are definitely all of the above so of course we had to add it to this list! From peanut butter cups to toffee to caramels,  The Ketonut has all of your keto needs in a variety of different snacks that you can choose from! With little to no sugar used in  The Ketonut’s products, you can enjoy snacking again in the sweet-smart way. No more stressing over how many carbs you’re snacking on and just enjoying them through and through, uncompromised and delicious, you can have it all with The Ketonut’s sweet and decadent snacks! 


And there you have it, a list of all snacks hot and low carb to add to your pantry. Say goodbye to all those snacks made with excess sugars and carbs, because these snacks will easily become your top go to snacks, now it’s just a matter of choosing which one’s your favorite! 

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