Can Men Take Collagen Too? The Health Benefits of Collagen

Can Men Take Collagen Too? The Health Benefits of Collagen

Collagen doesn't play favorites—it's time we ditch the stereotypes and dive into why collagen isn't just for the ladies, but packs a serious punch for the gents too. Get ready to discover why this mighty protein is the ultimate game-changer for both men and women alike!

Collagen is one of the more sung heroes of the skincare game, but it goes so much deeper than just for your skin, it’s for your joints, your bones, heck, it’s basically the glue that keeps your whole body moving without all those cricket-crackity sounds, well, maybe with some of those sounds still but a lot less! Collagen is for everybody and anybody and we’re here to tell you why.  


Keep your joints healthy for the gym!

Whether you’re at the gym to pump some iron and improve reps or just trying to get your cardio in, everybody needs their joints in tip top shape to keep your movements smooth while you’re bulking up or doing some cardio. While the body does retain some collagen naturally, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little oil to those joints to keep them lubricated and smooth and especially when you’re honing your endurance, collagen becomes more important than ever, especially because it also supports muscle growth! 


To keep that elasticity in your skin!

While skincare is universal, most of the skin care advertisements or stories are usually oriented towards women, which sort of adds this odd stigma that skincare is inherently feminine which is definitely not the case! Everybody has skin and everybody needs care and one of the biggest things that play a major role in skin care is collagen! Having healthy looking and feeling skin is a hallmark of glowing health, and while you can wear your tough as nails skin like a badge of honor, there’s nothing wrong with giving your skin a little extra lovin’ so you don’t have to worry about premature aging or wrinkles because whatever gender you are, nobody likes wrinkles. 


Now that we’ve talked about how great collagen is for the body, you might be wondering how to get in that extra boost of collagen on the daily! Nowadays, brands everywhere are coming out with new and innovative products that are convenient to use and to integrate into your everyday life! From supplements like powders, gummies, to even fun snacks like chocolates and energy drinks, you have so many different options to choose from to get your collagen intake for the day! 


So get your collagen game on, gents, because your skin, bones and joints deserve it! 


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