The Benefits of Herbal Teas

The Benefits of Herbal Teas

We're about to spill the tea on something that's HOT– the wonderful world of herbal teas! Get ready to steep into these enchanting blends, and turn your tea time into a self-care ritual, a moment of zen, and a burst of herbal happiness!



There’s so many uses of herbs, from medicinal to herbed spices, there’s just no culinary world without our fair share of herbs, but while we can go on endlessly about our love for herbs, we’ll be centering our topic on one particular facet of herbs - herbal tea! Tea in itself is a cozy beverage, one that you can have to either energize you or help you wind down for the night, but there’s so much more to tea than just another caffeinated beverage, drinking tea on a regular basis can actually have a great impact on your health and wellness, from boosting your immune system and fighting off inflammation, to even helping with your digestion and detoxing! And the beauty in all of this is that tea is truly one of the easiest ways to get all those benefits. Just a cup a day can have a massive change on your health, mood and spirit! So get ready to grab your mugs, cups and cans, because we’re getting in some favorite tea brands that we carry and their benefits, you may even be surprised about a few of ‘em!


Shaka Tea 

Love yourself a good, ready-made tea without the caffeine buzz but all the perks? Shaka Tea’s a tea that may be right up your alley! Hailing all the way from the Hawaiian Islands, Shaka Tea is made by using one of the rarest herbal teas to date, māmaki, which is specific to Hawaiian agriculture and is imperative for their native Hawaiian butterflies known as pulelehua, and with every purchase of Shaka Tea, it helps in keeping the agriculture and lands thriving! Not only is Shaka Tea focused on bettering the world every day, but they’re also focused on bettering you as well. With no caffeine, iced teas with herbs like mango hibiscus, guava ginger among others! Hibiscus is great and is known for its deep red colour in teas and beverages, just a smidge of hibiscus and your teas will be a beautiful, deep red! It’s a tropical herb that you can enjoy at any time, and not only is it full of antioxidants but absolutely teeming with great taste too! Ginger, on its own already has many benefits to it, but some people may not like the very potent, spicy taste of it, well with Shaka Tea’s guava ginger tea, it’s a perfect balance of sweet and spice, and what’s even better is that with ginger, it’s perfect for the winter months, even if you liked your tea iced, which you can definitely do with Shaka Tea! Ginger is like a comforting, warm hug that helps out your immune system in fighting off any colds, but if you’re not a fan of hot tea yet still want the benefits of ginger, try out Shaka Tea’s guava ginger tea!


Rishi Tea

Founded in 1997 by a guy who’d experienced all kinds of teas and their benefits while travelling in Asia, when he had to make the call to go home, he realized that he couldn’t return home to find the same quality tea leaves in North America so he decided to do something about that and made Rishi Tea & Botanicals! Keeping the beneficial properties of herbs intact was the main goal for Rishi Tea with its sustainably sourced ingredients. With classic teas like earl gray, green tea, and chamomile among other tea varieties, you can have your fix of tea every day! Rishi Tea’s chamomile tea is perfect for those who are battling stressors every day. Chamomile is considered a chilled-out herb, so chamomile tea is a whole beverage of relaxation! Like ginger, chamomile can feel like a warm hug, but rather than targeting your immune system, it soothes your nerves and helps you relax and wind down after a tough day (and what day isn’t tough, truly?). Not only does Rishi Tea have your back with their tea benefits, but their teas are keto-friendly, AIP-friendly, low FODMAP and sugar-free!



Halfday’s iced teas are iced teas with a kick! Now we know what you’re thinking; iced tea is usually high in sugar and so sickly sweet, not Halfday though, they’re a less sugar, lower calorie iced tea line that’s great for your tummy because it’s also full of probiotics! Made from a like-minded individual who was constantly overworked and overstressed, and had gotten diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis after he was hospitalized from working so much, the founder of Halfday decided to make changes to his lifestyle, and rather than parting with his childhood favourite beverage, he reinvited it and made it a beverage that helps out with your gut health! Not only are these iced teas great tasting, but they also contain no carbonation and the caffeine is derived from natural sources! With a variety of flavours like peach, honey & ginseng, among a few others, you can have Halfday for all of your days, and their teas are gluten-free and plant-based as well! 


So enough lollygagging, we got teas to try and bodies to help out! From reducing stress to helping out our immune systems, teas are the unsung heroes of the healthy beverage world and it’s time to explore their full potential with all these great and fantastic brands!

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