What Your Favourite Snack Says About You!

What Your Favourite Snack Says About You!

What you lean towards and grab when you're hungry can reveal a lot about your personality! A person's favourite snack is the gateway to their soul -- and an easy way to find out more about that person without having to ask! Curious to know what your favourite snack says about you and your friends? Read to find out more!


Did you know that the type of snack that you choose can say a lot about you? This is no joke. There are many scientists that have investigated this phenomenon. In fact, scientists have termed the study of food preferences, food hedonics. There appears to be some correlation between the foods you enjoy and your personality. Check it out.


If you can’t live without freezies, then you’re probably calm, cool and collected. Like Freezies, you keep things at ease when the heat gets going. You’re often known as the mediator that helps everyone cool off during heated arguments. You’re naturally sweet and fair, making you an excellent caregiver. Your style is fresh and colourful, causing everyone to be drawn to you. You are confident and well-liked by others, maybe even part of the popular crowd. Your personality is vibrant and magnetic, and your intelligence is refreshing. You’re a natural hit in crowds and quite the people pleaser. However, sometimes you try to do too much for others and end up with a headache. You have a large group of friends and enjoy going out, especially in the summer. Winter is your greatest enemy, but you don’t let it stop you from seeing your friends and creating new memories.

Rice Cakes

If you constantly find yourself reaching for rice cakes, then you’re probably someone that enjoys the classics but isn’t afraid to change it up. Like rice cakes, you can adapt to any situation. You know when to dress it up or dress it down, and still look like a snack! Similar to rice cakes you can be salty or sweet, but you tend to remain neutral when you’re caught in the middle of arguments. On the outside, some may perceive you as boring or plain, but those people are unaware of your potential. In team situations, you carry the team but allow all your other teammates to shine equally. You constantly offer your support to your peers and are highly reliable. And, although you appear tough and strict on the outside, once others get to know you they realize that you’re gentle and easy going.

Jerky & Meat Snacks

If you enjoy jerky and meat snacks, then you’re likely athletic, ambitious, and reserved. Like jerky, some serious chomping is required to break down your walls. You may be perceived as shy or sometimes as a “jerk” for not wanting to socialize, but really you’re just master-crafting your plan to achieve your next goal. You are a natural born athlete, otherwise known as the kid that always gets picked first in gym class. In sports and in life, you are a trustworthy individual and often form your greatest relationships in team atmospheres. Coincidentally, you’re a serious gun show! Your muscles are popping, and you know everything about exercise and nutrition! You constantly preach about keto, paleo, Whole30, high protein and gluten-free diets and prioritize living a healthy and active life. You are loved in the health and fitness community, but you tend to be a little shy when you’re outside your comfort zone. Nonetheless, you’re up for any challenge!


A crunchy and delicious choice! If you love seaweed snacks, then you are easy going, a deep-thinker, and adventurous. Like our seaweed snacks, you can hangout anywhere: the beach, the park, the classroom or the office. You believe that the world is your oyster and take every opportunity to live it to the max. To the untrained eye, it may seem like you’re not up to much, but really you are deep in thought. You have a certain “Je ne sais quoi” that keeps people coming back to you. You’re a great listener and people feel satisfied with your conversations. You could be a therapist or “a cup half full” kind of person. Similar to our seaweed snacks, you only give people what they need and keep things simple yet exciting. With you, there’s nothing but good vibes. 


Oh, popcorn! A classic healthy snack choice that has been around for centuries. If you believe that popcorn is not just for movie night then you’re likely outgoing, the centre of attention and in-tune with your emotions. We all know that popcorn is a crowd favourite in movie theaters, stadiums and homes everywhere, and the same goes for you! You’re naturally popular and easily get people’s attention. Like popcorn, you’re not known for being the quietest person in the room, in fact you always voice your opinions. Your energy is infectious and very entertaining but sometimes, you can be perceived as dramatic and attention-seeking. Coincidentally, it is likely that at some point in your life acting or being part of a reality show has been on your radar. You believe that you’re destined to be a star and may have even practised your paparazzi escape route. You’re highly personable and get along well with just about everyone. You are a classic treat that never goes out of style!


Ranch, BBQ, Cheddar, all healthy chip flavours are like heaven to you! If you love chips then you are likely independent, charismatic and have a bit of an edge to you. Like our healthy chips, you can easily steal the show! No matter where you are, all the attention seems to always end up on you. Similar to our healthy chips, you easily draw people in with your fascinating appearance and keep them hypnotized with your personality. Your style is impeccable and you can pull off any look! You’re ambitious and prefer to work alone, but sometimes you may find yourself along with your trusty companions: salsa, queso and guacamole. Although you love your friends, sometimes you feel a little bit competitive or jealous when they get more attention than you. And, if they or anyone crosses you the wrong way, you may cut them a little with your words. Despite your edge, people love to be around you and wouldn’t leave you for the world!


Soft, hard, or chewy, there’s no other snack that could win you over like cookies! If you love healthy cookies then you’re probably sweet, comforting and traditional. Cookie lovers are the type of people that we bring home to meet our parents. They’re gentle, understanding and always there through the good times and the bad times. As a cookie enthusiast you are a good friend, the type of friend that almost feels like family. You're unconditionally sweet and often set good and memorable first impressions. People feel comfortable around you, as if they’ve known you their whole life. You have strong morals and live by your values. You’re a creature of habit that prefers to do as they are told rather than explore the unknown. You provide others with a sense of safety and ensure that everyone always feels cared for and loved. 


Are you a known visitor at the candy shop? Does the sound of gummy worms, taffy, or marshmallows call your name? Then, this is what your love of candy might say about you. If you love candy then you’re playful, courageous and witty. You enjoy making people laugh, but you’re also all about business. Your laughter can be heard from miles away and is highly contagious. You are typically kind and accepting but can become bitter when those around you don’t take you seriously. You’re not afraid to take on any task, big or small. You make time for work and play, and try to live a balanced lifestyle. You enjoy the little things in life and are often described as a child at heart. You are a hit amongst children and care deeply for your friends and family. 


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, right? Fruit is a magical and healthy snack enjoyed by many. Whether fresh or dry, it always makes its way into our snack menu. If you are an avid fruit snacker, then this is what it can mean about you. Fruit snackers are typically bubbly, trustworthy and nurturing. As a fruit lover, you only want the best for yourself and for those around you. You take care of everyone and ensure that everyone gets their daily dose of fruit. You have many friends and a large family. You can have a conversation with anyone, and for hours on end. You carry a positive mindset and often cheer people up. You are trusted by many to keep their secrets, and are the backbone of your relationships. 


There’s nothing like the satisfying crunch from biting into a puff! Do you find yourself munching on puffs any time, anywhere? If so, then you might be creative, intelligent, and hardworking. The term “9-5” doesn’t ring a bell to you, you feel as if you’re always on the clock. You enjoy taking on multiple projects and organizing your time. You’re most known for thinking outside the box and creating wonderful things. You enjoy participating in artistic endeavors like photography and illustration, and you easily pick up a beat, whether it is through an instrument or through your feet. You’re a superstar when it comes to anything academic, may have even won a spelling bee or two. Overall, you are very talented, and like our puffs, many people admire you. 


Don’t get your snacks in a twist… or do! If you love pretzels then you’re all about the twists and turns that life has to offer. You are highly adaptable and just go with the flow. You are also very mentally and physically strong. Mental and physical health is important to you, but you prefer to live an 80/20 kind of lifestyle. People often call on you for help, and you always show up and win the battle, no matter what. You are highly dependable and value this quality in others. You have a large group of friends, and prefer not to be alone. While in a crowd, you are the life of the party and the spontaneous one too. Like our pretzels, you make everyone feel happy and at ease.


Veggies and dip or veggie sticks, these all sound like a good snack! If you’re a self-proclaimed veggie snacker or are craving a good veggie snack just by reading this, then this is what it could mean about you. Veggie lovers are typically helpful, humble, and wise. Like our veggie snacks, you are often underestimated, but you don’t let it bother you. Similar to our veggie snacks, you know that you’re the full package, but don’t feel the need to announce it to the world. You are content with who you are and are happy sitting in the background and helping others to shine. You’re most known for giving the best advice and enjoy coaching others. You enjoy getting to know other people and form strong bonds with them. You are highly independent, however you don’t mind working on a team. For you, you’re just happy to be there.


Are crackers the reason that you wake up in the morning? If so, then you might be goal oriented, loyal and humorous. To your close network, you may be known as the jokester of the group, but you’re typically shy around newcomers. You love to crack jokes and make people laugh. You have a profound love for your close friends and family and would do anything for them. You don’t often search for new relationships and spend a lot of time online. Although it may not seem like it at times, you actually take yourself seriously. You’re ambitious and want to succeed in life. Nonetheless, you also want those around you to succeed with you. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and hold yourself accountable for your dreams. You are highly systematic and prefer to plan things out rather than let it play out. However, you are flexible and, like our crackers, capable of shining in any situation.

Closing Remarks

Did you discover something new about yourself today? As you can see, food is truly the window to our soul. Our snacking choices may not be a coincidence after all. In fact, we briefly touched upon this foodology. Next time you reach for a snack, you can think about what your choice could possibly reveal about you. Or, if you ever want to get to know someone better, a healthy snack bar may be just what you need.  Food may not only provide insights into your personality but into your habits too! But, more on that next time. Until then, what healthy snack will you be snacking on? Shop your favourite snack here

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