Whey vs Casein vs Creatine: Which Protein is Better?

Whey vs Casein vs Creatine: Which Protein is Better?

When it comes to protein, there are a lot of options. Should you choose whey, casein or creatine…? We discuss the advantages of each different type of protein and help you pick the one that’s right for you!



Whey there! Looking for the ultimate protein for your daily training but having trouble understanding the differences between them and what each can do for you? Look no further because we’ve creatine-d a helpful and easy breakdown for each of these three essential proteins and how they can help your body to get the most out of them!


Whey Protein

Starting off this list, we’ve got whey protein; the fast-digesting, quick-absorbing complete protein that contains all essential amino acids and is separated into three types; concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate, with whey protein concentrate (WPC) being the most commonly used among bodybuilders, athletes, and others who want to get an extra boost of protein in their diets! 

After taking whey protein, the amino acid levels in your body are elevated for up to 90 minutes, making this protein a fantastic post-workout supplement as it’s one of the most fast-acting proteins that your body digests and absorbs! The quick-digesting nature of whey protein makes it excellent before, during, or after your workouts, because it will fuel your muscles quickly when they need it most.

Not only is it easily and quickly digestible, but it’s also rich in leucine; a branched-chain amino acid that can aid with muscle growth and strength as you train your body, which is only one of the many great benefits of whey protein!


Casein Protein


Ever heard the classic story of the tortoise and hare? Where whey protein could be considered the hare; the fast-digesting protein, casein protein can be considered the tortoise; the slow-digesting protein! 

But don’t let a slower digestion deter you from using this one-of-a-kind complete protein–there’s many benefits to a protein that takes its time when it interacts with your body as you train. Since casein gets digested more slowly than whey, your amino acid levels remain elevated for around four to five hours after consumption, and due to this constant source of protein for hours, casein reduces muscle breakdown and aids in recovery within your body.

This makes casein ideal to use before fasting situations when you can’t or won’t eat for hours, like sleeping! Your body can work on digesting, absorbing, and using it to build muscle while you sleep, and you won’t get up in the middle of the night craving a snack! Not only does it help with muscle recovery and allows you to feel full for longer, but it also contains a higher portion of the amino acids: histidine, methionine and phenylalanine than whey does.



 Last on the list here but certainly not least, is creatine! Unlike whey and casein which are complete proteins, creatine is a natural compound produced by your body from amino acids and is made from arginine, glycine, and methionine.

Creatine can boost your muscles’ phosphocreatine stores which assist in creating adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the key to increasing cellular energy and is known to decrease when you’re expending energy (like when you’re working out!)–the faster you burn through this, the wearier you grow. This is where creatine comes in! 


Taking creatine or creatine supplements helps in improving strength, exercise capacity, and overall performance. It works best with high-intensity short duration activities where quick bursts of power are required–so you can lift more weight at the gym or run faster on your next race! 

Whereas whey and casein protein stimulates muscle protein building, creatine increases muscle mass by increasing exercise capacity, so it can help you push more, lift more, do more during your workout and training sessions, and by doing so, it helps to build more muscle both short and long-term! 


Which One Would Be Best For You? / Conclusion

The bottom line is that it’s not a choice between which has the best impact on your training, the choice comes down to how these supplements work, how they’ll interact with your body and how they can be used to get the most out of them and what you’re trying to achieve when working out.

While whey and casein are relatively similar in that they both complete proteins and both provide you with all the essential amino acids needed to build and repair muscle, making them both fantastic for improving muscle growth, they differ in how quickly your body absorbs them, with whey being more fast absorbing within 90 minutes, versus casein, which usually gets absorbed slower at around 4 to 5 hours!  

Creatine, on the other hand, while it’s also great for building muscle, boosts strength and power output by improving cellular energy. This increases the amount of force that can be generated during short bursts of high-intensity exercise such as sprinting or lifting weights quickly, so it’s perfect for when you want to improve your athletic performance!

 But who says you need to choose just one protein to stick to? You can also mix the types of proteins that suit you best or buy pre-made protein blends, which typically contain a combination of casein and whey, giving you the benefits of each! It all depends on your lifestyle and what you’re working towards! You can still definitely choose one and still see amazing results when you train because the key thing here is that there isn’t really a “bad” choice among these three proteins—it's all about what works best for your specific needs! So, now that you know the basics about all three of these supplements, which would you say is your favourite among them? Let us know!

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