5 Easy New Years Resolution Ideas

5 Easy New Years Resolution Ideas

New Year, new you! It's time to make some resolutions for 2023, but don't let the idea of New Year's resolutions intimidate you. We've rounded up some of the best and easiest resolution ideas to help build lasting change into your lifestyle.



New Years resolutions are hard. There's so much pressure to turn over a new leaf and change everything when in reality, it's just a fun time to set some goals you want to achieve. Making resolutions for the new year doesn’t have to be daunting–here are a few ideas that are easy to keep, but still make a big difference!

  1. Drink more water!

    Hello hydration! One of the easiest ways to step up your health game for the New Year is adding more water to your daily regime. Drinking more water daily yields fantastic benefits like aiding in cognitive function, regulating blood pressure and aiding in easier digestion! While we can go on about the benefits of drinking more water, there is that elephant in the room that we should also discuss; why drink water when it doesn’t really taste all that great? A lot of people usually opt out of drinking water (trust us, we’ve been there too), or limit their intake because of this, especially when there are so many other drink choices out there. But a few great ways to tackle this feat is to try flavored mineral waters, or flavored water drops to add to your waters! Or, if you’re feeling a bit fancy and still want that boost of hydration, opt for sparkling water

  2. Get those steps in!

    Let’s ring in the New Year by walkin’ on some sunshine! When New Years come around, we know that everyone wants to make the best resolutions for themselves, and while we totally agree with wanting to do the best, sometimes life just gets so busy that we only have so much time in the day to do what we need to do, let alone tackling all those goals that we set for ourselves. So let’s take the pressure off of that “work out more” goal on our lists and go for a walk instead! By walking for just 15 to 30 minutes a day, you’ll see many physical and mental benefits like easing joint/muscle pain, relieving stress and clearing up mental blocks. And if you want to keep that energy up on your daily walks or hikes, try a great electrolyte mix to rehydrate and energize yourself! This New Year, every effort to better ourselves counts and with a goal to take a few minutes just to walk around, clear our heads, breathe in deeply and take it one day at a time, it’ll feel a lot less like a feat and more like a simple and enjoyable day to day activity that we devote ourselves to that improves our minds and bodies. 

  3. Do more stretches!

    We all want to meet our resolutions for the New Years, but we know sometimes, there’s a lot to be excited about with a fresh slate that we may overwhelm ourselves with everything we want to do. When we think of stretching, we think of yoga, right? And yoga, for some, is a crazy flexibility test that may be a bit daunting, but stretching isn’t always as complex as a crane or warrior pose. Easy, mindful stretching that makes your body feel great and gets the blood circulating is actually a very easy goal to integrate into your daily life! While healthy living does include eating healthier and feeling great and getting the most out of what you put in your body, we can’t forget to incorporate ways to make our bodies and minds feel great externally as well. Kickstart your day by taking just 5 minutes to do some easy yoga poses and stretches, this will do wonders for your physical and mental health, and to get the most out of these stretches, try out some collagen to help boost joint comfort and functionality!  

  4. Incorporate more greens!

    Want an easy way to feel super good about your food this New Years? Get in all those greens! We know what you’re thinking, “it’s not easy being green”, and we get it, getting in all those nutrients and minerals from those superfoods can be super tough and confusing! There’s just so much to consider when it comes to food choices and which ones can be the most optimized for our bodies. Kale, spinach, carrots, asparagus– the list truly goes on in this section of the food pyramid, and with people finding new and innovative ways to get the most out of your greens, there’s just too much that has to be considered. But why does eating healthy have to be this difficult? You may ask. Well, it actually doesn’t have to be! You can get in all those necessary super greens all in one shot with easily digestible superfood supplements that you can seamlessly add into your diet. Get the best of all the greens out there in the easiest way possible to ring in the New Year and new you.      

  5. Say goodbye to alcohol!

    One of the biggest goals in the New Year is to detox as it’s one of the hallmarks of healthy and clean eating! But of course, there are those of us that still want to be the life of the party and have a good time with our loved ones, and with celebrations comes the ciders, spirits, beers, all of those other beverages that can make us feel not so great the next day. But why do we need to imbibe in order to have a good time? We should still be able to enjoy outings and drinks in the new year without having to compromise our health or diet in order to do so. Well, now we don’t have to! Ring in the New Year with spirit-free cocktails and mocktails and get a jumpstart on your alcohol-free journey while still enjoying a drink with your loved ones. Even if we’re going spirit free in the New Year, it doesn’t mean that we’ll be free of that spirit to be our best selves in any way we can. Say goodbye to those sugar-filled hangover headaches and say hello to a brand new day after a night of fun feeling like a million bucks! 


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