5 Kitchen Essentials for High Protein Baking

5 Kitchen Essentials for High Protein Baking

Are you a health-conscious baking fanatic? Us too! Baking is a fun activity that typically earns us some yummy treats! And, sometimes we get carried away and have one too many baked goods. But, we found the solution...



We know you do your best to eat healthy. But, sometimes, you get the sudden urge to bake a whole batch of cookies, brownies, bread or even pizza and debate throwing your whole diet away. But you don't have to. 


Introducing….*drum roll*... High-Protein baking!


Is High-Protein Baking Better for Me?

Absolutely! High-protein baking allows you to get more than just the satisfaction of having a tasty treat; you get tonnes of protein! Protein is the building block of muscle, so getting enough protein is essential for everyone, not just the fitness-fanatics. Also, indulging in high-protein baked goods can prevent you from eating the whole batch! Why? Protein is the most filling nutrient. Since your baked goods will have more protein, your gut will tell your body that you're full faster! So, high-protein baking may even help with weight loss.


My Baking Skills Aren't Great, What Do I Do?

Many pre-made high-protein baking mixes are available for the newest and the busy bakers. The mixes are super easy and quick to make and only require a few ingredients. Check them out:

Kodiak Cakes High Protein Muffin Mix requires just one egg (or egg substitute), 1 cup of milk (or milk alternative), and ¼ cup of oil. It comes in two flavours: blueberry lemon and double dark chocolate. Perfect for school bake sales, or for a late night treat.

Kodiak Cakes High Protein Brownie Mix brings back memories of those old-school lunch lady brownies. This mix requires 2 eggs, ½ cup melted butter, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of water. 

Start your day off great with Kodiak Cakes High Protein Pancake/Flapjack and Waffle Mix. Available in a multitude of flavours, including low-carb, buttermilk, plant-based, peanut butter, buttermilk & honey whole-wheat oats & honey, and dark chocolate! Just add 1 cup of water, and voila! Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth!


I'm Practically a Pro-Baker. What Can I Use for High-Protein Baking?

There are plenty of items that can be added to help you bake high-protein goodies! 

Below are 5 ways to add protein to your baked goods. Check them out!


#1 Protein Powder:

An obvious one, of course! Protein powder is super easy to bake with. It's practically like using regular flour! You can use unflavoured protein powder or use chocolate or vanilla-flavoured powder for a little extra flavour. Great in cakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, donuts, pizza and more!


Pro-tip: Using Protein Powder for baking can result in a dry product. To avoid dry products, add extra oils or butter to hydrate the product. Peanut butter, coconut oil or an extra splash of plant-based milk are great options. 


#2 Collagen

Collagen is an excellent option for when you don't want to change up your sacred recipe. Collagen powder is high in protein, and it won't change the texture of your baked products. It is also available in many flavours, such as coconut, vanilla, chocolate and unflavoured. You won't even know it's there!


#3 Chickpea Flour: 

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are naturally high in protein. Baking your regular baked goods with chickpea flour is a great way to increase your protein intake. Chickpea flour has a mild earthy flavour and can be used in just about anything, including cookies, brownies, and cakes!


#4 Nut Flour:

Nuts are naturally packed with protein and delicious nutrients. Using almond flour, tiger nut flour, or other nut flours is an easy way to raise your baked goods' protein content. Plus, using a nut flour is essential for creating low-carb foods. Nut flours are great for cookies, banana bread, brownies, donuts, birthday cakes and even pizza!


#5 Nut Butters:

If a recipe calls for butter, shortening or oil, opting to use a nut butter instead will increase your baked goods' protein content. Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, pecan butter and even powdered almond and powdered peanut butter are excellent in cookies, brownies, bread and more!


Baking is all about having fun and experimenting. Try all these tips for the ultimate healthy, guilt-free, high-protein baked goods, or give our baking mixes a try! You will never go back to eating regular baked goods again!


And just in case you’re not feeling like hoping into the kitchen action, try our ready-to-eat high-protein goodies! Happy Baking!


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