Healthier Lightened-Up Easter Classics

Healthier Lightened-Up Easter Classics

This Easter, let's raise a toast to lighter, brighter days ahead. With these healthy Easter recipes, you can ditch the dreaded food coma, and get that springtime hop in your step that'll have you feeling as light as a feather!



Easter’s right around the corner and we’re cooking up a menu, a healthier menu to make you feel a bit lighter on your feet so that you can get to your egg hunting without your food bogging you down and needing you to take a nap, so here’s a few different recipes that’ll lighten up your day and your load! 


Carrot Cake 

No need to make something from scratch when you can just get yourself a grain free carrot cake and muffin mix to play off of? Rather than waste time gathering all these ingredients when you could just be part of the Easter fun, focus on convenience, which this carrot cake recipe is all about!


What You’ll Need

Grain free carrot cake and muffin mix

2 eggs or an egg replacer;  flaxseeds and arrowroot starch are also good substitutes.

⅓ cup of butter (melted) or an oil of your choice like avocado oil 



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees 

Pour half a cup of the Grain free carrot cake and muffin mix into a small bowl and mix about a tablespoon and a half of the previously melted butter until it’s all caked throughout the mix  

In a separate bowl, mix the eggs or egg replacer with the remaining butter until the mixture is all incorporated. Once you get a good consistency, mix in the Grain free carrot cake and muffin mix and butter mix until everything is evenly distributed and mixed well. Don’t overmix! Once the batter is all thick and dense, pour into a baking pan and bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the center is firm. 

After cooling, decorate to your heart’s content with family and friends to make it an egg-cellent looking cake! 



Mashed Potatoes 

Everybody likes mashed potatoes but maybe not potatoes exactly. For whatever reason you may not be able to enjoy mashed potatoes, there’s an alternative for that that’s just as good! And we’re talking about Hearts of Palm! Low calorie and easy on the stomach, you can have your fill of mashed potatoes without all the starch and calories, and of course, it’s so easy to make too! All you have to do is boil up your Hearts of Palm, mash it up and add seasonings of any kind, and then bam, you’ve got yourself some great mash! Or if you wanna skip the mashing up part, get yourself an instantly made Hearts Of Palm Keto Mashed, season with some leeks, salt and pepper, and you’ve got yourself a low cal mashed potato alternative to go with your Easter dinner!  


Deviled Eggs

The only thing devilish about these eggs is that they’re devilishly good to eat and great to share for an Easter treat that’s a little savory rather than sweet.


What You’ll Need

Eggs (as many as you want)

Spices of your choosing

Mayo (Avocado oil mayo for a lighter dish)



Bring some water to a boil and add in your eggs, make sure they’re fully submerged for an even boil. Let this boil for around 10 minutes for a perfect hard boiled egg and then take them out, setting them in ice cold water to cool them down a bit. 

Once cooled, peel off the shells and cut them in half. Scoop out the hard yolk and set all yolks into a separate bowl. Add in your spices and your avocado oil mayo and mash up the yolks until they turn into a creamy, tasty paste.

Add in the seasoned yolk cream into the divots in the egg and then garnish with some more seasoning of your choice, salt and pepper, maybe a touch of paprika for a bit of spice, it’s up to you!    


And there you have it! A few easier on the stomach Easter meals and recipes that you can incorporate into your Easter festivities! 


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