Healthy and Easy Picnic Food Ideas

Healthy and Easy Picnic Food Ideas

That crisp breeze, the gentle warmth of the sun, and the irresistible urge to grab a blanket, pack a basket, and head outdoors? That's right – spring is in the air, and we're ready to embrace it with open arms and empty stomachs, thanks to our list of healthy (and portable) picnic food!


With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to pull out those picnic clothes and start enjoying the more tepid temperatures to come. Picnics are a timeless sort of spring, summer, even fall tradition that people can enjoy with their families, friends, even themselves. But if you’re new to the picnic game, or just want something new to add to your picnic roster, it can be challenging to find great and also convenient eats, which is why we’re here to provide you with a list of all your convenient essentials!  


Snacks Galore

Everybody snacks. It’s a given for our silly little lives that we can treat ourselves to a little snack at the end of a work day, or take them on road trips, snacks like protein chips, chocolate bites and candies like gluten free gummies or vegan lollipops are essential and easy portable munch-ables to enjoy outdoors and share with friends and family. So when you’re packing up your picnic basket to meet up with some friends, pack up your favorite, healthy chips, chocolates and candies because the only thing better than food you can bring on the go is food that you can share with others in a nice park while you gab about the good times. 


Dips and Veggies

Get your baby carrots, celery sticks, peppers, get the whole backyard garden and stuff it in your picnic basket, pair it with some dips like ranch, buffalo sauce or dairy free queso for a veggies and dip platter to surprise your friends for the picnic party! Get your favorite pals together and just munch on some crunchy veggies dipped with a myriad of sauces, pair with some mocktails for your perfect picnic photo op and enjoy the good vibes and even better weather! 


There’s always room for desserts

End off your picnic outing with something sweet and easy to make. Get yourself some ice cream mix and make it before packing them for your picnic so that they’re perfectly ready to eat by the time your picnic day comes to a close because we always like to end off the day with a sweet note! Or, if you’re a baker or just know your way around an oven, make some quick and easy baked goods like keto brownies, or grain free chocolate chip cookies to pack up for your friends and family on your picnic blanket. 


With this list, we hope you’ll be picnic ready for this upcoming spring season! 

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