Healthy Back to School Snacks You and Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Back to School Snacks You and Your Kids Will Love

The school bell's about to ring, and you know what that means–it's time to dust off those lunchboxes and fuel the kiddos with snacks that are healthy and delicious! Let's snack smarter, not harder and make this school year the yummiest one yet!


It’s time to start prepping for the prep rallies and textbooks because the start of the school year is right around the corner! While the kiddos may be dreading going back after a few months having fun in the sun, some parents may also be dreading it for a different reason - finding those back-to-school snacks to keep their lunches exciting and having less food come back uneaten. A key component for learning is nutrition, even for us adults, but with 8 hours of learning all these different criterias (math, history, art, geography, among so many other subjects), having the necessary nutrition is that much more important for the kiddos developing minds! Having a hard time deciding the best snacks for your youngins? Worry not because we’ve compiled a list of great and healthy snacks that will keep your kiddo energized throughout their school days! 



Cerebelly comes from the beautiful mind of a passionate, hardworking neurosurgeon, named Teresa Purzner! She started her journey in her career by finding better ways to treat pediatric brain cancer, and her searches expanded into so many other facets of early brain development and how proper nutrition plays a big part in that, especially after becoming a mom. Thus, Cerebelly came to be! All Cerebelly products have brain-supporting ingredients to satisfy young brains everywhere! Completely organic, vegan friendly and made with non-GMO ingredients, Cerebelly’s line contains ingredients that are meticulously sourced and tested to make sure they maintain all the good stuff! With a whopping 16 essential nutrients that support the brain’s early development, Cerebelly’s Organic Smart Bars come in fun flavours (Apple Kale, Sweet Potato Blueberry, Carrot Date, and Strawberry Beet) and are conveniently packaged to fit in any lunch box!   



NOLA is a lunch box-worthy snack if there ever was! It’s the perfect way to start your kiddos day with their vegan-friendly snack bars that can give your little ones a great boost of energy in the afternoon lull during their school days. NOLA products are made with real, wholesome ingredients, and are jam-packed with all-natural goodness. The founder of NOLA, Julie, being a mother of 3 herself, found very limited options for healthy snacks for children and decided to do something about that, thus creating the NOLA line after devoting countless hours and creating her own recipes that were too good to keep to herself and us and parents everywhere finally had a solution to their healthy and delicious snacks dilemma for back to school and throughout the school year! Conveniently packaged and wholesomely nutritious and delicious, what could be better than that for the kiddo’s snack? Their Gluten Free Boost Bars come in two great flavours; Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie, your young one’s snacks will keep their energy boosted and mind active to learn!   



Noka is knocka-ing on your kid's bedroom door to wake them up for school with their superfood, organic goodness! Pouched for convenience, Noka superfood smoothies are sourced from the highest quality ingredients and are high in fiber to maintain digestive health! Not only that but they’re high in protein for that extra boost in energy so that you kiddo can keep going throughout their school day and have energy to run around during recess with their friends! Now kiddos everywhere can get the absolute most out of their day with Noka’s superfood and prebiotic smoothies. At Noka, their long standing mission is to make snacking for all ages that much tastier and not to mention healthier while still maintaining the effortlessness of convenient style snacks! Their pouches can be taken anywhere and everywhere, no matter the occasion, whenever your kiddo feels like getting a smoothie, they already have one on the fly, premade and chalk full of nutrients! With great flavors like mango coconut, blackberry vanilla, and strawberry pineapple to name a few, your children will be set for the whole school year with Noka organic, superfood smoothies!  


Fresh Bellies


Fresh Bellies snacks will keep your kiddo’s belly feelin’ fresh! Freeze-dried and never fried fruits and veggie snacks, Fresh Bellies’s snacks are wholesomely prepared, kosher certified and free of any preservatives. They were curated as a way to help young kids' palates everywhere to adapt to fruits and veggies in a fun and snacky way! Introduce your little one’s palates to eating adventurously with Fresh Bellies freeze-dried healthy snacks that retain all the great and authentic flavours commonly found in Latin America like cumin, parsley and garlic to name a few! With Fresh Bellies, your kiddo can say goodbye to all the run-of-the-mill fried snacks that’ll make them snooze through their math lessons and say hello to snacking with a purpose! With fan-favorite fruits and veggies like roasted red pepper and mango among their selection, your kiddo’s palate will grow along with them! Introducing veggies and fruits are no longer a trying task with Fresh Bellies fun and authentic, freeze-dried snacks!  


And there you have it, a whole roster of new and fun snacks to integrate in your young one’s lunch boxes for the school year, at least that’s one thing you can check off your back-to-school list! 

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