Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Your Next Summer Adventure

Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Your Next Summer Adventure

Buckle up, and let's hit the road! Whether it's a cross-country adventure or just a cruise down the coast, it's time to swap out those greasy gas station goodies for some wholesome treats that will fuel your sense of adventure.



‘Tis the season for road tripping! Long summer days, woodsy backroads, barbecue and camping, that’s some summer livin’ right there! We’ve got a whole roster of snacks to take with you during those long summer drives to the beach or to anywhere life takes you! 


Chips and Popcorn

The ultimate snacks that you can munch on whether you’re the one behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. Chips and popcorn are probably two of the best snacks for road tripping, and are perfect for the destination too, but if you’re struggling to find the kind of chips and popcorn that are delicious and healthy enough to agree with your diet, look no further because here are a few chip brands that are all the rage in the health world! 


From their new puffs to their renowned grain free tortilla chips, Siete has all of the good and healthy crunch that you can bring along on your next roadtrip! Siete was born when Veronica Garza, Founder of Siete, was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions, and she wanted to make food for people like her! After making her first creation, the almond flour tortilla, her grandparents raved that it was better than the ones they made, and got the family stamp of approval! Since then, they’ve expanded to introduce all kinds of goodies to their line, all gluten and grain free, dairy free and paleo, you can enjoy their chips and puffs with no hassle and take them anywhere life takes you!


Lesser Evil
Going the road less traveled for your road trip? The perfect partner in crime for you are the Lesser Evil snacks! Made from seeing snacks on both sides of the equation; healthy but not great, great but not healthy, Lesser Evil decided enough was enough and made healthy snacks that were both nutritious and delicious, with no compromises or guilt. For those sunny roadtrips, try their vegan sour cream and onion sun poppers, or if you’re taking the little one with you on the road, try out their lil' puffs grain free veggie blend snack! Lesser Evil’s snacks are vegan, low calorie heavenly goodness that you’ll never stray too close to the dark side of snacking ever again!  


Chocolates and Candies

Wrangle your family together in the car and sweeten up their trips with a sweeter side of snacking! Chocolates and candies are the sweet side of the snacking world,and are the perfect addition to any roadtrip munching roster! Stock up on your favorite chocolate bars, chocolate covered caramels and lollies for your sweet summer ride with Tazzy's and Lily's!       


It’s time to stop thinking of chocolate as a guilty pleasure and start thinking about it as an everyday indulgence! Lily’s delicious no-sugar-added chocolate is the perfect sugar-free and gluten-free companion for your travels. With the same chocolatey goddess that you crave without all the calories, you can keep it sweet all summer while still maintaining your health goals. With everything from bars and peanut-butter cups to chocolate covered popcorn, you’re sure to be the designated chocolate connoisseur with Lily’s!



Nuts and Trail Mixes

Picture this: you, the road, and a bag of nuts and trail mixes by your side. Your trusty four-wheeled vehicle is fueled up, and you should be too! These little powerhouses of flavour offer a winning combination of crunch, taste, and nutritional benefits that will make your mouth water and keep your energy levels soaring with every handful! The road to snack heaven awaits, and it's paved by Catalina Crunch


Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a flavour-packed journey fuelled by Catalina Crunch’s keto trail mixes! Each bite is a wild ride of flavours and textures filled with cereals, nuts, and pretzels. Every handful of these high-protein, high-fibre trail mixes feels like a journey in and out of itself. With convenient, resealable pouches, Catalina Crunch is the ultimate road trip sidekick! No more worrying about crumbs or spills—just grab, snack, and reseal for a hassle-free journey.

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