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Tazzy Candy

Tazzy Candy

Tazzy Candy is here to revolutionize the better-for-you candy world! They're on a mission to create deliciously sugar-free candy with long-lasting and explosive flavours, that are vegan, kosher, and low in calories.
A women-owned, better-for-you candy company, Tazzy Candy is here to disrupt the confectionary world. When they realized that there were not many healthy candy options on the market that were actually delicious, two food science college students, Delia Hughes and Lindsey Simon, started experimenting in their own apartment. In addition to being candy fanatics, they were also health-conscious foodies and wanted to create candy that was not only delicious but also had long-lasting, explosive flavours. Their goal was to make candy that was satisfyingly sweet without the sugar. After years of countless experiments, they finally perfected their recipe and Tazzy Candy was born. With their sugar-free lollipops being at the forefront of their company, they were launched into immediate success. Curated for the palate of adult candy lovers, their innovative candy is full of unconventional flavours, that are not only long-lasting but also leave a clean mouth feel afterwards. With no added sugar and made with real fruit and vegetable juices as flavours and colours, these low-calorie, vegan, and kosher lollipops are healthier than your typical candy.